Best answer: How do you get a pink diamond in Cayo Perico?

Start the mission again by paying $25,000 and follow the same process. It will just take 10 minutes now to reach your target, so don’t worry about this, just go ahead. After reaching the tower, hack the signal box one more time. And this time you will be able to see the pink diamond.

What is the best thing to collect in Cayo Perico?

The diamond-studded Panther Statue is the highest-paying target in GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist, surpassing the Sinsimito Tequila, Ruby Necklace, Bearer Bonds, and even the Pink Diamond.

What is the best secondary loot in Cayo Perico?

The most important info: Cocaine is the most valuable secondary loot you can solo on Cayo Perico without resorting to glitches. Therefore, always keep your eyes open for cocaine – especially if there aren’t two paintings waiting for you in El Rubio’s office.

How much is the ruby necklace worth in Cayo Perico?

Ruby Necklace: $1,000,000 (Normal), $1,100,000 (Hard)

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Can you get panther statue Cayo Perico?

At long last, you can now nab the panther statue from GTA Online’s Cayo Perico heist.

How much is a full bag of gold worth in Cayo Perico?

A full bag of gold will earn you ~492k.

Can you get gold in the Cayo Perico heist solo?

However, one thing that will help you really take home a huge final cut is gold. It can be worth up to $500,000 on top of your primary target, and you can easily get it in solo mode too – just so long as you want to fight El Rubio’s guards.

Is the Panther a statue in GTA?

To get the Panther statue in GTA Online, players will need to complete the Cayo Perico Heist whilst ensuring their target is the Panther statue. According to notable leaker Tez2, the statue will be a guaranteed score the first time you go after it. … Select the ‘Panther Statue’ as your heist target.

How much is the fencing fee Cayo Perico?

Primary Targets

Something important to note here is that once the heist is over, there are two additional fees – fencing fees (10% of the primary and secondary take combined) and Pavel’s cut (2% of the primary and secondary take combined).

What pays the most in the Cayo Perico heist?

Here is the minimum and maximum payouts

  • Primary Minimum: $900,000 / Primary Maximum: $2,090,000.
  • Secondary Minimum: $313,920 / Secondary Maximum: $499,788.
  • Safe Minimum: $50,000 / Safe Maximum: $99,000.

How much is the pink diamond worth in the Cayo Perico heist?

Payout of all potential targets in the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online. The Pink Diamond is extremely rare, yet players have occasionally reported that it spawned for them. The Pink Diamond is worth about $1,300,000, and $1,430,000 on Hard.

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How much is pink diamond worth GTA?

What is the pink diamond worth in GTA Online. The pink diamond is worth $1,300,000 on normal difficulty and $1,430,000 on hard difficulty. The final take will have to be split between crew members but if players can manage to do the heist solo in hard mode, they can walk away with 1.4 million dollars.