Best answer: How many gems does a gem box give?

The Gem Box is a mysterious box packed with gems! You can only have 1 gem box at any time in a village. Clearing the Gem Box costs 1,000 Elixir, takes 30 seconds to clear and will give you 25 gems.

Can more than 1 gem box spawn?

No you can’t have more than one gem box at a time.

Is it possible to get free gems in CoC?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you free gems as that would not be fair to other Clashers. However, there are many ways to get free gems in the game: Earn Gems by completing achievements. Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village.

What is the gem box?

The GEM BOX enables you to turn your TV into a gaming hub with instant access to thousands of games and apps, most of which are free from Google Play. … The GEM Box enables you to turn your TV into a smart TV, surf the web, watch YouTube and download your favorite applications.

Does the gem box Respawn?

When you get one, wait two days before getting rid of it, then after that it’ll spawn again in like a day or two.

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Do gem boxes go away?

Nothing happens if you don’t remove the gem box…. you just kind of lose 25 gems …the gem box stays in the exact place as long as you remove it … Supercell won’t provide you with another gem box until you remove the previous one !!!..

How do you get 250 gems in clash of clans?

Donating 25,000 reinforcements will earn you 250 Gems. League All-Star – This achievement is earned by advancing through the Clash of Clans league. Joining the Crystal League earns you 250 Gems, reaching the Master League earns you 1,000 Gems, and becoming the Champion earns you 2,000 Gems.

Can Stones spawn in COC?

While trees and other types of vegetation will respawn over time if the obstacle limit isn’t reached, rocks and stones will not respawn. Many obstacles are in both the Home Village and Builder Base. or for free by placing a building on it, and the removal will be instantaneous.

Can we hack COC?

Understand that it is impossible to hack Clash of Clans.

Even if it were possible, hacking Clash of Clans (or any online game, for that matter) would be highly illegal. Since Clash of Clans resources can be purchased with real money, hacking would amount to theft, which can result in severe fines or imprisonment.

Can you transfer gems in clash of clans?

No, gems can’t be transferred. You can buy gifts for your clan on some special occasions.

How do you open a gem box?

Beginner’s Gem Boxes are a type of lootbox that contain water, air or fire lesser gems or gem dust. They can be obtained by opening dungeon chests and killing elite enemies in Uber-1 and Uber-2 difficulty prime worlds.

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