Best answer: Is the RKO the diamond cutter?

Whether it’s called the “Ace Crusher,” the “Diamond Cutter,” the “RKO,” or everything in between, this versatile, quick maneuver can change the course of a match out of nowhere.

What does an RKO stand for?

RKO. Randys Knock Out (wrestling) Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

Can the RKO hurt someone?


Honestly, the RKO doesn’t strike me as hurting that much (compared to the Stone Cold Stunner, which could concuss you with the chin-on-shoulder contact), but there’s some legal stipulation somewhere that no writer can pen a WWE finishers piece without including one of these.

What came first Diamond Cutter or stunner?

Now, what some people may not realize is that the cutter came before the stunner. Johnny Ace began his AJPW run in the very late 80’s, it was still a fresh maneuver.

Is the RKO a DDT?

4 Randy Orton

Randy Orton uses a specialized DDT in his matches and it is a signature move, but never used as a finisher. That is because Orton uses the RKO, which is his version of Diamond Dallas Page’s Diamond Cutter. … For the DDT, Orton drapes someone’s legs over the ring ropes and drops them on their head.

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What is Randy Orton’s real name?

Randy Orton was born Randal Orton in April, 1980 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The oldest of three children, he’s a third-generation pro wrestler from a family that includes father, ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton, uncle Barry Orton and grandfather Bob Orton Sr.

What is RKO Rocky Horror?

RKO (Radio-Keith-Orpheum) Pictures is an American film production and distribution company referenced in both The Rocky Horror Show and it’s film adaptation, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The lyric “by RKO” is heard during the final verse of the opening song, “Science Fiction, Double Feature”.

What is the most painful wrestling move?

But, during wrestling in high school the most painful maneuver is “CRADLE” because cradle is a devastating move in that it is likely to put an opponent on his back and hold him there long enough to get a pin.

Does the pedigree hurt?

Pedigree. Triple H has dominated WWE over the years with his move, the Pedigree. There is nothing about it that doesn’t hurt. It is set up by The Game kicking you in the groin and putting your head in between his legs.

How painful is the sharpshooter?

If a person is dazed enough to apply it, yes and it does hurt a lot. Even when it was applied to myself with light pressure (used to professional wrestle, local only), it still put pressure on my body. So if you jerked back in a real fight then yes it would hurt.

Is RKO a stunner?

While Orton uses the RKO, Austin was the master of The Stunner. During their conversation on Broken Skull Sessions, the duo discussed their respective finisher moves. Austin wanted Orton to explain how he came up with the move. … He called it RKO, which stands for Randy Keith Orton, and Vince McMahon approved.

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Who innovated the stunner?

A stunner is a common term in professional wrestling referring to the ¾ facelock jawbreaker maneuver. It was innovated by Mikey Whipwreck.

Is RKO and Diamond Cutter the same move?

While the RKO is much more explosive of a manoeuvre because of Orton jumping in order to deliver the move, the Diamond Cutter seems more impactful from a kayfabe sense, just from how quickly Page would drop down to the canvas. Both wrestlers are 6’5” tall, so height isn’t an issue.

Why is it called 1916 DDT?

Share this article: THE People’s Elbow, DDT and the Pedigree are some of the most famous finishing moves in WWE wrestling. But one rising star in WWE is trying to add his very own creation to the list, by renaming his move ‘1916’, in honour of the centenary of the Easter Rising.

What does DDT mean in WWE?

In professional wrestling a DDT is any move in which the wrestler has the opponent in a front facelock/inverted headlock and falls down or backwards to drive the opponent’s head into the mat.