Best answer: What do gems do in rise of kingdoms?

What should I use my gems for in rise of kingdoms?

Best Gems Spending Priorities:

  • Unlocking VIP 6.
  • More Than Gem Event – You should be able to get to VIP 8+ now.
  • VIP 10 – Get 1 Free Legendary Sculpture every day.
  • 8-hour speedups – 20 of them each week from (VIP-8 shop)
  • Spin Wheel of Fortune to get YSG + Khan.
  • VIP-12 – Get 2 Free Legendary Sculptures every day.

What is more than GEMS event rise of kingdoms?

What is More Than Gem Event? “More Than Gems” is a Rise of Kingdoms event that consists of spending a certain amount of gems to obtain rewards, no matter how we spend it, any option is accepted. gems in reserve for this moment.

Can you send gems in rise of kingdoms?

I’m sorry, but gems cannot be gifted to another player. However, if your friend lives in the USA you can gift them a $20 EA game card that is good for 275 gems. EA game cards can be purchased at quite a few retail stores and can also be purchased online at Best Buy & Walmart.

What is the best civilization rise of kingdoms?

France. France is, by definition, the best civilization for farming in the game. Not only because of their increased wood gathering speed, but also because their commander, Joan of Arc, has passive bonuses to gathering, as well.

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What are the phases of the mightiest governor event?

There are 6 stages:

  • Troops Training. Train a Tier 1 Unit: 5 Points. …
  • Defeating Barbarians. Defeat a Lvl. …
  • Resource Gathering. Gather 100 Food: 1 Point. …
  • Power Upgrade. …
  • Enemy Elimination (also commonly referred to as the kill event or KE) …
  • Final Sprint (All previous stages combined giving points at a lower rate)

How do you enter cheats in rise of kingdoms?

How to use the Rise of Kingdoms codes?

  1. Step 1: Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Head on to the Settings menu.
  3. Step 3: Select the Redeem option (which appears as a gift).
  4. Step 4: Type in the 10-digit code and tap on the Exchange button.