Best answer: Who is Diamond Jack?

Diamond Jack is a 28-year-old former professional basketball dancer originally from Chicago, Illinois. She previously danced for the Atlanta Hawks and the Chicago Bulls, both major NBA teams.

What is the story behind Diamond Jack?

Published on May 11th, 2017 by Rachel Kim as a third year college project, Diamond Jack is a short, fun animation depicting an unnamed thief stealing a diamond from a hotel while being pursued by a detective.

Who made Diamond Jack?

Calarts student Rachel Kim creates “Diamond Jack”, an animated short about a diamond thief in a high spirited chase, where they may not be the villain they appear to be.

What is Diamond Jacks name?

No Name Given: Although she’s referred to as “Thief” in the notes she is never actually referred to as one in the music video or song. “Tia” is her temporary placeholder name given to by the creator.

What kind of music is Diamond Jack?

Diamond Jack – Tribute to 70’s Arena Rock.

What happened to Rachel Kim?

She is currently working in the animation industry as a background painter. … Some animation projects I’ve worked on include: Adventure Time, Cosmos a Spacetime Odyssey, Summer Camp Island, Kid Cosmic, Niko and the Sword of Light, King Star King, Animals: HBO, Hot Wheels.

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Who Stole Big Jack’s diamond?

A private investigator, Max Gannon, catches up with Laine and reveals that Jack, his best friend Willie Young, a man named Alex Crew, and an inside man stole 28 million dollars’ worth of diamonds, and divided them into four shares.

What movies has Rachel Kim done?


  • Known For. King Star King Art Department (2014)
  • Kid Cosmic Art Department (2021)
  • Adventure Time Animation Department (2016-2018)
  • Team Hot Wheels: Build the Epic Race Animation Department (2015)
  • Animation Department. …
  • Adventure Time (2016-2018)
  • Animals. (
  • Animation Department.

How much is the Diamond Jack pickaxe?

Fortnite Diamond Jack Harvesting Tool

Diamond Jack is an Icon Series Fortnite Harvesting Tool from the Travis Scott set. It was released on April 22nd, 2020 and was last available 588 days ago. It can be purchased from the Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks when listed.

What team does diamond from love is blind dance for?

Cheerleader Profile: Meet Diamond | Atlanta Hawks.