Do you get a certificate with a diamond?

Not every diamond comes with a certificate, and comparable diamonds will look the same regardless of whether or not they are certified. … A diamond engagement ring is an emotionally significant purchase as well as a financial milestone.

Should a diamond come with a certificate?

Diamond certification is essential for any diamond because it verifies and describes what it is you’re buying. Without a certificate from a reliable lab, there’s no way to know if the diamond you’re buying is what the seller claims.

Is it OK to buy a diamond without a certificate?

In fact, without a certificate, you can never be sure what you are buying. If a diamond is not certified, your only source of information about the stone’s quality is the seller. … Due to the seller’s subjectivity of diamond grading, they can have some leeway when representing a diamond’s quality to the buyer.

Why didn’t my diamond ring come with a certificate?

So, when it is said that a diamond ring is certified, what this means is that the diamond (or diamonds) in it comes with a grading report describing its quality characteristics. In contrast, if a ring is said to be non-certified, this most likely means that it doesn’t come with a grading report for its diamond.

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What paperwork comes with a diamond ring?

So, what is a diamond certificate? Diamond certificates are issued by diamond laboratories and provide detailed documentation on characteristics of your stone, beyond just the 4 C’s. The GIA is the gold standard in the diamond grading industry and provides extremely reliable grading’s.

Are diamonds registered?

In the US, only diamonds that have been graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) carry an engraved serial number. The serial number is engraved into the diamond as part of the certification process and matches the number on the diamond’s certificate.

How do I check if my diamond is certified?

In case you have a diamond report issued by them, you can simply verify the diamond report online on their website. Take out your diamond certificate and locate the certificate number. Look at the images below for reference. Enter the certificate number at the indicated are and click on the button.

What does it mean if a diamond is not certified?

Non-certified diamonds are very common in the marketplace, and are simply those diamonds that have not been put through formal laboratory grading.

Is a GIA certificate worth it?

Simple, it’s GIA. They have the best reputation for accurate diamond grading. A diamond with a GIA diamond report will command more money than a diamond graded by EGL USA. Not only when you buy it, but also should you ever decide to sell it, or trade it up.

What is a diamond certificate?

Diamond certification is a system created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to evaluate the quality of a diamond based on the 4Cs—carat, color, clarity, and cut. Diamond certification is also referred to as diamond grading and it is highly recommended that couples only buy certified diamonds.

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How do I get paperwork for diamond?

If you would like to obtain some paperwork for your diamond, there are two main options available to you; you can either certify your diamond by obtaining a grading report for a gemological laboratory, or obtaining a jewelers appraisal.

How do you get a ring certificate?

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