Does a diamond have 1 line of symmetry?

The line of symmetry is the imaginary axis passing through the center of the object and divides into two equal halves. Since a diamond has all four sides equal, it has two lines of symmetry.

How many lines of symmetry does a diamond have?

If all four of the diamond’s sides are equal, a diamond has two lines of symmetry – horizontal and vertical.

What shape has exactly 1 line of symmetry?


Kite Rhombus (all sides equal length)
1 Line of Symmetry 2 Lines of Symmetry

Which one has no line of symmetry?

A scalene triangle, parallelogram, and a trapezium are three examples of shapes with no line of symmetry.

Does a diamond have 2 lines of symmetry?

Diamond is a geometrical shape which has four sides and opposite angles are equal. … A diamond has two linesof symmetry since its all four sides are equal.

Is a diamond shape?

Diamonds are unique shapes because they have many different geometric attributes. A diamond is a quadrilateral, a 2-dimensional flat figure that has four closed, straight sides. But a diamond is also categorized as rhombus, because it has four equal sides and its opposite angles are equal.

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What shape has 4 sides and 1 line of symmetry?

Kite. A kite is a quadrilateral with one axis of line symmetry.

Does Kite has a line of symmetry?

The division of triangles into scalene, isosceles, and equilateral can be thought of in terms of lines of symmetry. A scalene triangle is a triangle with no lines of symmetry while an isosceles triangle has at least one line of symmetry and an equilateral triangle has three lines of symmetry.

What shape has exactly 3 lines of symmetry?

An equilateral triangle has three lines of symmetry. It has rotational symmetry of order 3. It has three equal sides.

What is symmetry line?

A line of symmetry is a line that cuts a shape exactly in half. This means that if you were to fold the shape along the line, both halves would match exactly. Equally, if you were to place a mirror along the line, the shape would remain unchanged. A square has 4 lines of symmetry, as shown below.

How many lines of symmetry does a heart have?

Fold the heart to show a line of symmetry. There is only one line of symmetry in this heart shape.

How many symmetries does a circle have?

A circle has an infinite number of symmetries. This contrasts with polygons such as the triangles and quadrilaterals considered in 4. G Lines of symmetry for triangles and 4. G Lines of symmetry for quadrilaterals.