Frequent question: Is Weiss and Ruby a couple?

Weiss Schnee is a fellow schoolmate and partner of Ruby.

Does Weiss get together Ruby?

This puts the two on bad terms to begin with. When they meet again in the Emerald Forest, Weiss’ first instinct is to walk away, leaving Ruby behind, despite the rules being that the first person you see it to be your partner. She only decides to partner with Ruby after seeing that her other option would be Jaune Arc.

Who does Ruby marry in RWBY?


Name Ruby rose
Wife Weiss Schnee(WIP)
Childs Mei Schnee, Garner Rose(WIP), Rose Schnee(WIP)
Related Yang Xioa Long(halve sister WIP), Tai Xioa Long(father), Summer Rose(mother), Qrow Branwen(uncle)
occupation Huntress

Is there any romance in RWBY?

RWBY isn’t generally a romance-based anime, but it does have its share of romantic pairings. … RWBY tends to place the bulk of its focus on adventure, not romance. That being said, the series isn’t completely devoid of people coupling up – or at least, trying to.

Who is Yang’s love interest in RWBY?

Blake Belladonna. Blake is Yang’s teammate and Academy partner. The night before the Beacon Academy Initiation, they meet when Yang drags Ruby over to her in order to help Ruby make some more friends – Ruby and Blake having been vaguely acquainted.

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Is Ruby QROW’s daughter?

Ruby Rose is Qrow’s (crow, Raven’s brother Ruby’s aka uncle…) and Summer Rose’s daughter. She was adopted by Taiyang Xiao Long because of his semblance to bad luck, which causes bad luck to people he cares about but also bad luck to people he faces in battle, making him the ultimate undercover agent.

Is Yang in love with Blake?

And of course it’s looking likely that we’ll finally get confirmation that Yang is indeed in love with Blake.

Will Ruby become a maiden?

There is no evidence for Ruby being a Maiden. … The simple fact Qrow told Ruby about the Silver Eyes and not the Maidens is the evidence we need.

Do Blake and Yang get together?

Blake at first seems to have no patience with the two, only wanting to get back to her book and being alone. After stating so, Yang proclaims Blake a “lost cause” to her sister. Though, when they happen to become partners in Chapter 6, she seems happy to be Blake’s partner.

Do Blake and sun get together?

Even right after they first meet, Sun seems to be somewhat protective of her, shown when he jumps in to help her during her fight with Roman Torchwick. Both seem to work together well during the following fight. Sun continues to pair up with Blake during her investigation into the activities of the White Fang.

Does pyrrha love jaune?

Jaune is Pyrrha’s team leader and partner. It is known that Pyrrha has feelings for Jaune; she is first seen scoping Jaune out before Ozpin’s speech, and the two officially meet in the Beacon locker room as they are preparing for their initiation.

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