Frequent question: What kind of noun is necklace?

An article of jewelry/jewellery that is worn around the neck, most often made of a string of precious metal, pearls, gems, beads or shells, and sometimes having a pendant attached.

Is necklace a common noun?

No necklace is not a proper noun. It is a common noun.

What is the noun of necklace?

necklace. / (ˈnɛklɪs) / noun. a chain, band, or cord, often bearing beads, pearls, jewels, etc, worn around the neck as an ornament, esp by women.

Is necklace a count noun?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Jewelleryneck‧lace /ˈnek-lɪs/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] a string of jewels, beads etc or a thin gold or silver chain to wear around the neckpearl/gold/diamond etc necklace She was wearing a coral necklace.

Is necklace a verb or noun?

As detailed above, ‘necklace’ can be a verb, an adjective or a noun. Noun usage: a necklace of coral islands.

Is necklace a compound word?

Etymologically, of course, it is a simple combination of ‘neck’ and ‘lace’, and came into English in that form around 1590. That it should now be pronounced as if it were not a compound, or rather, that its compound nature would be so thoroughly obscured, is interesting.

Is a proper noun?

A proper noun is a specific (i.e., not generic) name for a particular person, place, or thing. Proper nouns are always capitalized in English, no matter where they fall in a sentence. Because they endow nouns with a specific name, they are also sometimes called proper names.

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What is the connotation of the necklace?

The necklace symbolizes the wealth and status that Mathilde longs for but cannot attain. The coat that her husband gives her at the end of the party symbolizes their current life, which Mathilde hates, and the mediocre social status she wants to escape from.

What kind of noun is gold?

By itself, the noun ‘gold’ is a common noun, not a proper noun, since it refers to a mineral instead of a specific place, time period, person, or…

What kind of noun is fireman?

A person who is skilled in the work of fighting fire. A fireman that is of the male sex (see usage note). A man who keeps the fire going underneath a steam boiler (originally, shoveling coal by hand), particularly on a railroad locomotive.

What kind of noun is Platinum?

platinum used as a noun:

The metallic chemical element with atomic number 78 and symbol Pt. A whitish grey colour, like that of the metal.

Is chain a noun?

chain (noun) chain (verb) chain–link fence (noun)

Is chain a collective noun?

The correct form is: A chain of mountains. * It represents a collective noun as all the mountains together constitute one unit. * It is used to represent a series or a range of mountains present together.

Is chain a material noun?

Material Noun: All those nouns, which are used to refer to metals and materials, are called Material Nouns. This chain is made of gold.