Frequent question: What kind of solder do you use on jewelry?

Gold solders are generally used only for making gold jewelry while copper, brass, and bronze solders are typically used to make copper, brass, and bronze jewelry respectively.

What kind of solder do you use for gold jewelry?

Use “plumb solder,” “medium” or “hard” solder, or solder with 14 karat and above. Solder with a lower gold content will melt more easily, and is recommended for small repairs. Use “repair solder,” “easy” solder, or solder below 14 karat.

Can I use a soldering iron for jewelry?

You can use a soldering iron to make many jewelry repairs. … When positioned properly and heated with a soldering iron, solder can create a strong link between components of jewelry that have broken apart, such as clasps and chains, chain links, rings and settings, or charms and bails.

Can I use silver solder on gold?

When soldering two dissimilar metals together, use the lower temperature metal for soldering. For example, when soldering silver to gold, use silver solder. Using soft or repair solder when sizing. Use a hard solder when sizing to prevent porosity and avoid seems.

What metal Cannot be soldered?

Of metals

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Solderability Metal
Fair Carbon steel Low alloy steel Zinc Nickel
Poor Aluminium Aluminium bronze
Difficult High alloy steel Stainless steels
Very Difficult Cast iron Chromium Titanium Tantalum Magnesium

What kind of solder do you use for copper jewelry?

Solder, a metal alloy of silver and copper or silver and zinc, is used to join two pieces of metal together. Solder is heated until it flows and then allowed to cool. Once cooled, the join is permanent (if done properly). Use silver solder when soldering copper, brass, sterling silver or silver-filled metals.

Do you need flux to solder jewelry?

Silver and gold jewelry require hard soldering. Copper, brass, and bronze components can also be fused with hard solders. In addition to requiring flux, hard solders generally also require the use of pickling solutions to clean and remove surface oxidation from the finished piece.

How do you solder a gemstone?

How to Solder Stones

  1. Shape the metal or wire pieces around the stone to wrap it as securely in place as you can. …
  2. Secure the stone and metal wrap in the desk vice.
  3. Plug in the soldering iron and let it heat in its stand for at least three minutes, or as directed by the manufacturer.

How do you solder jewelry chains?

How to solder chain links step by step

  1. Setup is vital. …
  2. Use a thin black marker to mark chain link joins. …
  3. Make sure all joins are flush. …
  4. Take your soldering probe. …
  5. Apply solder. …
  6. Place the solder onto the chain link. …
  7. Heat again. …
  8. Repeat as needed.
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Can you solder gold plated jewelry?

But with that kind of technology, soldering a gold-filled item is easy to do. Note: There is no such thing as a gold-filled solder. Soldering gold-filled items with a torch and gold solder is a completely different story. Since solder itself is an alloy of metals, there is no such thing as a gold-filled solder.

What are solder filled jump rings?

These 14K Yellow Gold solder filled round jump rings are made from a special wire that has a solder core. Simply flux and torch heat until the center flows.