How do I get the purple gem in Crash Bandicoot warped?

The Purple Gem is at the end of the Death Route in High Times. That means you’ll need to reach the skull platform past the Crystal without dying once. If you can make it to the Death Route, you’re set. You can die on the route itself, just don’t run out of extra lives.

How do you get the colored gems in Crash Bandicoot warped?

The coloured gems are mostly unlocked via Death Routes in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, and by that we mean reaching the end of a level without dying to unlock a secret area. As before though, coloured gems unlock Gem Paths in other levels, which will help you gather all of the white gems in the game.

Where is the purple gem in Crash Bandicoot?

To get the purple gem you have to beat “High Time’s” death route. This means don’t die before getting there. Purple gem route in Tomb Time: 世界一周 攻略 – アラビアの 熱帯夜の 紫ダイヤ Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped 105% Walkthrough Playlist:…

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How do I get the purple gem?

A Purple Gem is a Refined item used to craft several Magic items. It requires a Prestihatitator to prototype, and costs 1 Red Gem and 1 Blue Gem to craft. Purple Gems can be obtained by mining Ancient Statues, destroying Broken Clockworks, opening Ornate Chests, or as a drop from both variants of the Clockwork Bishop.

What does the purple gem unlock in Crash Bandicoot 2?

All Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Colored Gems

Yellow Gem: Plant Food – Complete the level before you run out of time. Purple Gem: Bee-having – Use the Nitro Crates as steps, beyond the second checkpoint.

How do you get the gold diamond in Crash Bandicoot warped?

It requires you to obtain 10 relics from time trials first in (any) previous levels. After you do that, in the portal room, there will appear an orange platform which will warp you to the basement. There, you will find a portal that will take you to a secret part of Hang ‘Em High, where you find the yellow gem.

How do you get purple gem lights out?

Purple Gem – Smash all 15 crates and complete the stage without dying. Requires the yellow gem from The Lab.

How do you get the red gem in Crash Bandicoot warped?

Red Gem Location

You can find the Red Gem towards the end of the level Deep Trouble, right next to the “!” box before you exit the level. You’ll need to make sure you clear all the boxes in the level leading up to this point.

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How do you get relics in Crash Bandicoot warped?

Relics. In order to obtain Relics, you need to complete a stage and find its Crystal beforehand. Once you do so, you’ll be able to partake in Time Trials, which rewards you with a different ranking based on your time.

Is there a purple gem?

Purple gemstones are mostly variants or substitutes of Blue Sapphires which are most sought after for their astrological prowess and the jewelry made from these dazzling gems. The most popular purple gemstones are Amethyst, Purple Sapphire, and Khooni Neelam.

What is purple gem called?

Amethyst. What is this? Perhaps the most easily recognisable purple gemstone is the amethyst. During ancient times, this stone was thought to be just as precious as rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

What stone is light purple?

Amethyst. Amethyst is the most popular purple gemstone. At one point in time, it was as precious as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies!

What do the gems do in Crash on the run?

These special gem lifts allow Crash to access different areas in a level in order to break more crates he couldn’t break earlier or take him to a completely different route to collect more clear gems.

How many power gems are in crash on the run?

More Power Gems are added to the game’s total with major updates. The current total as of version 1.50.