How do they replace the necklace?

Eventually, they could not find it and decided to replace it. They went to a shop of the Palais-Royal where they found a chaplet of diamonds, which seemed to them exactly like the one they had lost. They bought it for thirty-six thousand dollars. What kind of a person is Mme Loisel — why is she always unhappy?

How did they replace the necklace?

they replaced the necklace by borrowing 36 thousand and Mr Loisel possessed 8 thousand francs putting this together they bought the chaplet of diamonds from the Palais – Royal shop.

What did Lawson do to replace the necklace?

In the Guy de Maupassant short story “The Necklace,” Madame Loisel borrows an apparently expensive necklace from her friend Madame Forestier, and then loses it at the party that she attends. The Loisels immediately make arrangements to replace the necklace, borrowing 36,000 francs to buy a new one.

How much did they pay to replace a lost necklace?

The Loisels had to buy a diamond necklace for thirty-six thousand francs to replace the one that was lost. Matilda had to cut down on the household expenses and save money while Mr Loisel worked overtime and did copying work at nights. In this way, they could repay the money in ten years.

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How is problem solved the necklace?

Loisel solved his problem by advising her to request her friend, Mme Forestier to lend her some jewels. … So, Matilda arranged a beautiful dress and borrowed a marvelous diamond necklace from her friend, Mme Forestier to look beautiful and rich in the ball. She lost it.

How do Mr and Mrs Licence replace the necklace?

Answer : Mr and Mme Loisel replaced the necklace by buying a new one with the same design. … They purchased the new necklace and returned it to Mme Loisel’s friend. However, their life of extreme suffering started as it was not easy for them to repay the borrowed money.

Who lends a necklace to Madame Loisel?

She spurns Loisel’s idea of wearing fresh flowers instead, but takes his suggestion to borrow some jewelry from her friend, Madame Jeanne Forestier. She borrows a diamond necklace as her only ornamentation. Madame Loisel enjoys herself at the ball, dancing with influential men and reveling in their admiration.