How long does it take an emerald green arborvitae to grow?

Emerald Green eventually grows 12-15 feet (3.7-4.5 m.) tall and 3-4 feet (9-1.2 m.) wide, reaching its mature height in 10-15 years. As a variety of Thuja occidentalis, Emerald Green arborvitae are members of the eastern white cedar family.

How quickly do Emerald Green arborvitae grow?

This tree grows at a slow rate, with height increases of less than 12″ per year.

How do you speed up the growth of emerald green arborvitae?

How Can You Make Them Grow More Quickly?

  1. 1 – Plant Them at the Right Time of the Year. …
  2. 2 – Plant Them in Acidic Soil. …
  3. 3 – Choose the Right Type of Arborvitae. …
  4. 4 – Plant Them Correctly. …
  5. 5 – Care for Them Properly During Winter Time. …
  6. 6 – Make Sure You Water Them Properly.

How long does it take for an arborvitae to establish?

Emerald Green Arborvitae are a type of evergreen that grows at a relatively slow rate, less than one foot per year. Once established, they usually grow about 6-9 inches a year. These evergreens and can take 10-15 years to reach their mature height of 10 to 15 feet. They have a spread of around 3-4 feet at maturity.

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How far should you space emerald green arborvitae?

The recommended spacing for Emerald Green Arborvitae Trees is 2-3 feet apart if you are using it for privacy. If you want quicker privacy, plant them about 2 feet apart. Emerald Green Arborvitae Trees typically grow about 3-4 feet wide.

What is the fastest growing privacy tree?

What are the fastest-growing trees for privacy? Hybrid poplar tops the list. It can grow upwards of five feet per year. The Leyland cypress, green giant arborvitae, and silver maple are all close seconds because they add about two feet to their height each year.

How tall does an arborvitae get?

Mature Size. The American arborvitae grows to a height of 40–60′ and a spread of 10–15′ at maturity.

Should you fertilize newly planted arborvitae?

Newly planted arborvitae should not be fertilized. … Mature and established arborvitae can be fertilized to help speed up growth rate and help the plant grow stronger branches. It will also help encourage green leafy foliage and speed up the growth rate each year. If the plant looks sick, do not turn to fertilizer.

How tall is a 2.5 quart emerald green arborvitae?

4 feet wide but 10-15 tall.

How far should you plant arborvitae from fence?

Planting it about eight to ten feet from any structure is the ideal distance. This ensures the arborvitae can reach maximum width without damaging your house or fence.

How do Emerald cedars grow?

The best time for planting an emerald cedar is fall. Dig a hole as deep as the root ball and two or three times as wide. If the tree’s root flare, where the main roots join the trunk, is buried inside the root ball, remove soil from the top of the root ball to uncover the root flare.

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How fast does Techny arborvitae grow?

They grow about 12″ to 24″ inches per year and can get 15 to 20 feet tall. Unlike some other arborvitae they have a good root system so it’s unlikely that the wind will uproot them.

How often should I water arborvitae?

When arborvitae are planted they should be watered daily and the soil kept moist. Think “low and slow” by turning the garden hose on low and watering the root ball very slowly. A few drops per second for 2-4 hours (depending on how quickly the soil drains) per day on the first 10 days will work well.

How much does emerald green arborvitae cost?

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Price: $29.95 Free Ship $199+
Price: $256.9925699 Free Ship $119+
Price: $20.97 Free Ship $125+

How do you plant emerald green arborvitae for privacy?

It’s recommended to plant them 3′-4′ apart to form a privacy hedge when full grown. I chose to plant them 3′ apart from trunk to trunk. You can also ask the nursery how far apart to plant your new trees. Determine how far you’ll space them from your fence or property line.

How do you plant arborvitae for privacy?

Arborvitae provide privacy when you use them to form a fence. Plant arborvitae on the north side of your property form a windbreak in the winter. Plant arborvitae on the south or west side of your property to create shady areas in the summer. Dig as deep as the container and double as wide.