Is externally threaded jewelry bad?

With externally threaded jewelry, those coarse threads on the end of the barbell have to pass through your piercing when inserted and removed, which is not only extremely uncomfortable, but can also tear and damage the tissue around it. This damage can result in irritation even for healed piercings.

Why is externally threaded Jewellery bad?

The externally threaded jewelry has threads on the bar, causing tissue damage and pain every time it’s inserted or removed. The Internally threaded jewelry has threading on the inside of the bar, allowing for smooth insertion.

What does externally threaded jewelry mean?

Threaded jewelry is a type of body jewelry where one or both of the ends on a post unscrew. … Externally threaded jewelry has the screw threads on the end of the post, meaning that the ball screws onto the post. This type of jewelry tends to be more traumatic to put through a piercing, especially a healing one.

Is internally threaded better?

While internally threaded jewelry is better for new piercings, it’s worth noting that fresh piercings can still get inflamed: “You want to follow correct aftercare, using sterile saline wound wash is the best and healthiest way to keep your piercing clean,” says Johnson.

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How do you remove external threaded jewelry?

To remove externally or internally threaded jewellery, hold the flat back disc with one hand, hold the front with your other hand and rotate the ball/ or front part of the jewellery to the left (righty tighty – lefty loosy!) and unscrew until it comes apart.

Is Threadless jewelry better?

Threadless is better for forward facing jewels. Pins are usually easier to use for jewelry that needs to be removed often. Threadless bars allow for smooth insertion.

How painful is a forward helix piercing?

Because a forward helix is pierced through cartilage, you can expect a fair amount of pain—or, at least, definitely more than a normal lobe piercing. … “I would rate this piercing a 5 or 6 on a pain scale, just because cartilage tends to hurt a little more than other piercings.”

What is externally threaded?

Externally threaded jewelry means that the screw pattern is cut into the barbell, or part of the jewelry itself, that will pass through the body. … The receiving or ball end has the hole in it, which the jewelry will screw into. This type of jewelry is recommended for healed piercings.

Is body candy jewelry internally or externally threaded?

If the stem is on the ball end, that means that piece of body jewelry is “internally threaded” – in other words, the threading is inside (internal) of the barbell. … This jewelry has an added benefit of being able to adjust how tightly the ball end fits by slightly bending the stem.

How does Threadless jewelry work?

How threadless jewelry works is the “design” or topper you choose for your piercing has a little pin on it that you bend slightly. This top fits into a hollow post and stays in place due to the tension from the bend on that pin! You can even adjust how tight you like your jewelry by adjusting the bend on the pin.

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What is a threadless nose stud?

Threadless body jewelry is one of the most popular styles of jewelry right now. The idea behind threadless jewelry is that the “screw” or threading of a barbell doesn’t go through the piercing. It’s the ideal style for anyone who loves to switch their jewelry out and create diversity in their looks. …

What happens if you change your piercing too soon?

If you change the jewelry too early it may open up the piercing to infections and may become very irritated or can even reject the piercing. This is why piercers recommend that you don’t remove it until it’s absolutely healed.

Can you put a straight barbell in a curved piercing?

When being pierced horizontally through the nipple a straight barbell won’t put any pressure on the piercing like a ring would. Curved barbells and rings are not ideal choices because the piercing itself is going to fight against the circular shape of the jewelry.

Will a piercer change your piercing?

Absolutely you can! If you aren’t comfortable with doing it yourself, your piercer would be more than happy to do it for you! And usually they will do it with no cost at all.