Question: Does GEMS pay for giving birth?

We will give you a GEMS pregnancy, birth and early parenting book when you register. We will send you a free maternity bag during your third trimester. This is a gift from us to you and your baby.

What does GEMS not pay for?

GEMS won’t pay for claims for services rendered by a healthcare provider who isn’t registered as per scheme rules and the Medical Scheme’s Act. All healthcare providers must have an active practice number which they must use when they claim from our scheme.

Does GEMS pay for Gynaecologist?

The Specialist Network provides you with access to Physicians, Paediatricians, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists at a set tariff for both in- and out-of-hospital ensuring that you will not be liable for a co-payment (subject to your option’s benefit limits). …

Does medical aid cover pregnancy?

At the moment of birth, your baby is covered by medical aid. The only proviso is you must register baby with the scheme within a specified period, which is usually 30 days.

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Which medical aid that covers pregnancy immediately?

Tell us about your pregnancy as soon as possible

TFG Medical Aid Scheme covers the birth of your baby either in hospital or clinic with a doctor or a midwife or at home with the help of a midwife.

Does GEMS Beryl pay for braces?

The benefit for orthodontic treatment is only available to GEMS beneficiaries under the age of 21 on the Ruby, Emerald, Emerald Value and Onyx options. This is a once in a lifetime benefit.

What is the difference between GEMS emerald and ruby?

The first difference which comes to mind is that ruby is red in color and a emerald is green. … Emerald on the other hand is a variety of the mineral beryl and gets its green color from trace amounts of chromium and vanadium.

Does GEMS pay for a Covid test?

“GEMS members will be serviced and should not be requested to pay for COVID-19 testing upfront. The testing of members where guidelines are not met is not considered as PMB level of care as it is regarded as not clinically appropriate.

Does GEMS medical aid cover pregnancy?

Benefits of joining the Maternity Programme

We will give you a GEMS pregnancy, birth and early parenting book when you register. We will send you a free maternity bag during your third trimester. This is a gift from us to you and your baby. You will enjoy free access to all services offered by the programme.

Does GEMS have a hospital plan?

GEMS Hospital Plan – Access to Affordable Health Care

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Their aim is to provide all employees in the public service with access to affordable health care benefits.

How much does a pregnancy delivery cost?

The Cost of Child Delivery (During Birth)

The two options of delivery are either normal/vaginal or C-section delivery. While C-section delivery could cost anywhere between Rs 60,000 to 1.5 Lacs, a normal delivery could cost about 40,000 to 1 Lac depending on the type of hospital chosen or the city you live in.

Can I buy baby formula with medical aid?

Medihelp. Vanessa Goosen from Medihelp explained her scheme’s position: “Most medical aids do not cover any patented nutritional supplements, as nutrition is not considered a medical intervention, neither during hospitalisation or as part of day-to-day cover. … Any food supplement or formula is, however, not covered.”

How much is giving birth at mediclinic?

According to the cost breakdown provided by Mediclinic, a natural birth (for the first day) will cost you over R9000. If you’d like an epidural with that, it’ll cost you almost R2000 extra. If you’re planning to stay a little longer and need the nursery, the cost is just over R3000 extra per day.

Can I add my girlfriend to my Gems medical aid?

Yes. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is living with you, you will be able to add them as an adult dependant to your medical aid – just as you would if they were your spouse.

How much is childbirth in South Africa?

According to data from medical aid schemes, the average cost of a natural birth in a private hospital is around R25,000, including two to three days spent in hospital. If your baby is delivered by Caesarean section, the cost jumps to between R38,000 and R44,000.

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Does Gems medical aid have a waiting period?

There are two types of GEMS waiting periods: A general waiting period (GWP) of up to 3 months. A condition-specific waiting period (CSWP) of up to 12 months.