Quick Answer: How do you get gems in Roblox?

Gems are the premium currency in Roblox High School 2. They are obtainable from the daily log-in bonus, finding them in shooting stars, finding treasure chests, or purchasing them from the shop. Gems can be used to purchase special items, such as skins, furniture, gears, vehicles, and boosts from Max’s Mystical Dining.

What do gems do in Roblox?

Noob Army Tycoon in Roblox has a new in-game currency called gems. These gems can be used to purchase new pets and hats. That is the only way you can purchase them, so finding this currency has become a huge priority for many players.

What is the easiest way to get gems in Robloxian high school?

One simple way to earn gems in Robloxian High School is by completing your Daily Quests. You can find these by clicking the pink button on the right side of your screen; the button has a clipboard with checkmarks. The button opens a new window where you’ll find three objectives on the list.

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How much are Roblox gems?

Gems List

Gem Estimated value max (G) Sell price (IN GAME)
Mithril 38,500 2,800 Gold
Demonite 33,000 2,400 Gold
Fury Stone 22,000 1,600 Gold
Spirit Shard 22,000 1,600 Gold

How do you get gems in noob army?

Gems can be earned by your miners at the Gem Mine. You can get gems by finding a Gems Chest for 500, killing a Gem Noob for 250 or defeating the Giant Airship for 2,500 Gems. Quests can also be used to earn gems.

What do gems do Outlaster?

Advantages are special items that can give you power during Elimination. You can find advantages in bushes and trees. They look like a tan, wrapped up scroll.


Advantage Price (Gems) Estimated Price (Robux)*
Super Safety 95 gems 99 robux (100 gems x1)
Vote Steal 85 gems 99 robux (100 gems x1)

What is the promo code in Roblox High school 2?

List of codes

Code Revealed Reward
GRANDOPENING Game notification 100 Gems
SpecialDay Twitter, Discord 250 Credits
RHS2ad Roblox advertisement 250 Credits
HappyNewYear Twitter, Discord 219 Credits

Where is the treasure in Roblox High school 2?

Two treasure chests are located inside the school basement. The first chest is inside a room in the floor vent inside the room with the Roblox High School 2 shield logo. The second chest is inside the left end of the vent marked with an X inside the room marked with a peace sign.

How do you get diamonds in wacky?

There are two ways to get gems in Roblox Wacky Wizards: by defeating Mr. Rich (the Cyclops boss) and completing the daily Witches quest.

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How much gold is fury stone worth?

It can be directly sold for 1,600 gold.

How do I get the ice gem field of battle?

The ice gem requires an Ice Pickaxe to mine. The Ice Pick can be crafted with 100G and an ice chisel and handle. The chisel and handle can be obtained by killing an Ice Queen or an Ice Golem. The pickaxe will break after mining 1 ice gem.

How do you get the admin knife in Kat?

The Admin Knife is a special knife that can only be obtained (in normal gameplay) through finishing the obby in the Legacy/Classic map.

What is death beam worth in Kat?

Deathbeam’s value is currently worth 6000. Deathbeam awards 0 gems on throw kills.

How do you get the mirror knife in Kat?

The Mirror Knife is a knife rewarded to the original players that got 100 levels in KAT before The Economy update..