Quick Answer: What percent of Apex players are diamond Season 8?

17.86% Silver. 31.84% Gold. 26.16% Platinum. 5.86% Diamond.

What percentage of players hit diamond in Apex?

what is the distribution of ranks in apex Legends?

Rank Distribution
Gold 31.84%
Platinum 26.16%
Diamond 5.86%
Master & Apex Predator 0.4%

What percent of players make it to Diamond?

Diamond 1 accounts for somewhere between 39-50% of the player base according to HaloTracker.

What percentage of league players are diamond?

November 2021

Rank Percentage
Diamond I 0.24%
Master 0.13%
GrandMaster 0.025%
Challenger 0.010%

Who is the highest ranked Apex player?

Top Players of 2020 for Apex Legends

Player ID % of Total
1. Reptar 65.33%
2. iShiny 60.86%
3. Monsoon 73.71%
4. ImMadness 58.02%

What is the average KD in Apex?

Apex Legends average KD

The general consensus is that any KD just above or below 1.0 is considered an average KD on Apex Legends. This means that for every death you have, you will have at least secured one kill.

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Is Apex Predator top 750 in the world?

Apex Predators are the best Apex Legends players in the world. There are 750 Apex Predators on each platform – PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

How many supersonic legends are there?

Rocket League Ranks

Tier / Players Tracked Division I Division II
Supersonic Legend 2,610 players (0.07%) 1,341 — 1,660
Grand Champion III 2,591 players (0.06%) 1,283 — 1,299 1,299 — 1,316
Grand Champion II 4,183 players (0.10%) 1,227 — 1,238 1,240 — 1,255
Grand Champion I 8,431 players (0.21%) 1,167 — 1,178 1,180 — 1,194

Can you drop below Diamond 10 Hearthstone?

The new Hearthstone ranking system: How it works

There are now five regular leagues in the Hearthstone Ranked system, spanning Bronze to Diamond, with ten ranks in each. … Once you reach these levels, you cannot drop below them again until the rank is reset at the beginning of the following month.

How many players are supersonic legend?

We will continue to update this, as well as the other two lists in this article, after each new Season of Rocket League launches.

1v1 Rocket League Season 5 Distribution.

Tier Number of Players Percentage of Players
Supersonic Legend 1780 0.06%
Grand Champion III 2079 0.10%
Grand Champion II 2913 0.13%

How many Apex players are in diamond?

Platinum: 17.75 percent. Diamond: 1.89 percent. Master/Apex Predator: 0.12 percent.

What rank is faker?

Player Info

Rank Challenger 1,052LP
Role Mid
Most Played
Name Lee Sang-hyeok (이상혁)
Birthplace South Korea

Is platinum higher than diamond LOL?

The nine tiers, or ranks, in League of Legends include: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, GrandMaster, and Challenger.

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Who is the face of Apex?

If you’ve ever played Apex Legends and encountered Octane, you’ll know the energetic daredevil wears a green and black mask that completely covers his face. This has left players to speculate on his eye color, hair, and facial structure, but now, Respawn has finally released a photo of Octane without his mask.

What RP is apex predator?

The Apex Predator tier has a cap at the top 750 players per platform.

Rank tier Cost RP Needed
Apex Predator 60RP Top 750 players per platform (based on RP)

Can you smurf in Apex?

As Apex Legends Legacy kicks off, Respawn have added a new function to report ‘smurfing’, possibly in an attempt to filter smurfs from full-blown cheaters. … One of the changes already introduced is a new function to report ‘smurfing’ in games. And, it could actually be a big help to stopping cheaters too.