Quick Answer: Where is the Emerald Enclave?

The Emerald Enclave was an organization of druids and other nature worshipers on the island of Ilighôn. The actions of the Enclave influenced the lives of the high and low, its members avoiding good and evil to focus on the needs of the natural world and resist the growing influence of humankind.

What is the Emerald Enclave?

The Emerald Enclave is a far-ranging group that opposes threats to the natural world and helps others survive the many perils of the wild. … Members of the Emerald Enclave are spread far and wide, and usually operate in isolation. They learn to depend on themselves more than others.

What are the factions in faerun?

The following five factions have a profound effect on the political workings of Faerun.

  • The Lords’ Alliance. The Lords’ Alliance is a political and economic coalition of cities spread throughout the North and the Sword Coast. …
  • The Harpers. …
  • The Order of the Gauntlet. …
  • The Emerald Enclave. …
  • The Zhentarim.

Who leads the Emerald Enclave?

Within the elder circle, there are three ranks where the topmost is called the Grand Cabal of the Enclave. The second role is referred to as the Hierophant of the Emerald Enclave, and is seen as the spiritual leader of the faction, and should defend the proactive actions.

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How much are rubies worth DND?

The cheapest ornamental stones such as obsidian are worth around 10 gp per carat, while valuable gems such as diamond and ruby are worth around 200 gp per carat.

Who are the Harpers?

The Harpers have “cells” and lone operatives throughout Faerûn, although they interact and share information with one another from time to time as needs warrant. The Harpers’ ideology is noble, and its members pride themselves on their integrity and incorruptibility.

What is force GREY?

Force Grey is an Actual Play web video series on YouTube co-produced by Nerdist.com and Wizards of the Coast that began in 2016 to promote upcoming Dungeons & Dragons product lines. … The first season, “Force Grey: Giant Hunters”, premiered in July 2016 and ties into Storm King’s Thunder.

What’s the difference between a faction and a guild?

is that faction is a group of people, especially within a political organization, which expresses a shared belief or opinion different from people who are not part of the group or faction can be a form of literature, film etc, that treats real people or events as if they were fiction; a mix of fact and fiction while …

What is a blue spinel?

The blue Spinel is colored from the impurity of Cobalt in the crystal lattice. These stones are commonly referred to as Cobalt Blue Spinel. In many locations such as Sri Lanka, the Spinel will have a high iron content which tends to make the stones darker.

What is Black Sapphire?

Black sapphire is an aluminum oxide mineral that usually forms in crystals. These stones appear to absorb any light that hits them. They range from translucent to opaque but don’t reflect much light in either case. The color ranges from blue-black to gray. Black sapphire is exceptionally durable.

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What is a star ruby?

Star ruby is a rare and natural variety of ruby gemstone that exhibits a star-like visual effect (called Asterism) when seen under single light source. It is regarded as a strong healing gemstone and worn to reduce stress, gain inner peace and maintain physical health.