Should your diamond move in its setting?

Should diamonds be able to move in their setting?

If you hear a rattling sound, this means that your diamond is moving around and that your prongs are loose. … If you can move the diamond or twist the diamond around with your nails you need to take your ring off right away, because your diamond has definitely gotten loose in the setting.

How should a diamond sit in a setting?

When looking at the side profile of the ring you can notice how the stone is being held in the setting. If it sits low, closer to the band, it’s called a low setting, but if the stone is held up high and you can see space between the culet (bottom tip of the diamond) and the band, it’s considered a high setting.

Are engagement rings supposed to move?

It is important that your finger makes firm contact with the surface around the entire inner surface of the ring. Engagement rings don’t generally move that much because the prominent setting comes to rest alongside your other fingers.

How do you fix a loose diamond?

How Do You Tighten A Loose Diamond Ring?

  1. Remove the ring. Again, don’t panic, but it’s important that you take the ring off immediately to remove the risk of losing the diamond.
  2. Store safely. Store your ring safely in a box or container lined with a soft cloth.
  3. Visit your jeweler. …
  4. DON’T attempt repair on your own.
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How can you tell if your ring is loose?

The ring slides over your knuckle without resistance

Most people have large knuckles and smaller fingers, which is why a ring can be hard to put on, but once over the knuckle, can feel loose and spin around. If the ring slides too easily over your knuckle, with no resistance, it’s too loose and should be resized.