What did Rita do to Ruby?

Rita was Ruby’s sparing partner for boxing giving Ruby the nickname ‘Roo’ or ‘Kangaruby’. Rita is arrested and sent to Wentworth in a secret undercover sting on Marie Winter (Wentworth) after Marie is indicted for her crimes and the fact that someone was working in government to try and get her out.

Who killed Ruby in Wentworth?

However, following Ruby to get the phone brought Marie into a trap set by Lou, and while she saved Ruby, she bore the brunt, with Lou fatally stabbing her with a kitchen knife. And things become more tragic when Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva), Marie’s one-time lover, sees her body and can’t help shedding a tear.

Does Rita become top dog Wentworth?

Rita is voted in as top dog (602) and forms a gang of her supporters, which she decides to call “The Wentworth Warriors”.

What happens to Ruby in Wentworth Season 8?

Lou decides to kill Ruby for the money to pay for Reb’s operation unaware that the offer no longer stands; when Marie steps in to save Ruby, it is thought that she was attempting to kill her, leading Allie to assault Marie.

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Does Rita get killed in Wentworth?

After falling to a sea of attackers, receiving blows of both punches and kicks, the camera rose up to show her lying on the ground. Indeed, she looks as though she could be dead, but the credits rolled before anything was confirmed, cementing the moment as one of Wentworth’s greatest cliffhangers yet.

Did Ruby know Rita was a cop?

In episode three Ruby learns that her father has cancer and she breaks down when she tells Allie that she can’t do it without Rita. Ruby reveals the truth about Rita to her father, and says that she was the trouble maker not Rita as Rita was an undercover cop.

Why does Rita not wear Wentworth uniform?

The reason is that Rita, like Bea in Season 1, is technically on “remand” and hasn’t been convicted yet. … “Any prisoner who has not been sentenced yet and is on remand can wear their own clothes. The teals technically come after remand.”

Is Ruby Rita’s daughter?

In episode 6×01 it is revealed that Rita is Ruby Mitchell’s sister, and she got herself arrested just to help her. … In episode 6×02, she reveals to Allie that she is actually Ruby’s sister, and asks her to check that she does not get involved into fights or problems which could cause a prolonging of her sentence.

Where did Erica Davidson go?

Erica was a former lawyer turned prisoner advocate who was placed into Wentworth under the boards decision by General Manager Derek Channing and the decision was not taken well by governor Meg Jackson (Wentworth). Erica used her position to call in a favour this led to her promotion to Governor.

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Who kills Kaz on Wentworth?

In episode 4 of season 7, Kaz is murdered by corrupt prison officer Sean Brody.

Who is top dog after Kaz?

Marie Winter

In season 7 she is elected Top Dog following the death of Kaz Proctor.

Does Allie find out Judy stabbed her?

Allie alongside several officers and inmates watch Joan’s freakout from LSD in the corridor, and watches on as Will tries to calm her down. She finally learns that it was Judy, Boomer and Ruby who attacked the GM, and Judy reveals she knew it was Ann from the start.

What happened to Vera’s baby?

Vera learns from Ann that her daughter died in a blast caused by terrorists and Judy reminds her of everything she lost. In episode six Vera is present when Cynthia is taken to medical and tells Linda that she will deal with Marie instead of Will.