What is DCA in jewelry?

Diamond Council of America (DCA) | Jewelers of America.

What is a Diamontologist?

Diamontology is a branch of gemology that deals specifically with diamonds, typically for the purpose of increasing a diamond buyer’s confidence. Certified diamontologists usually work in the jewelry industry as diamontology is a skill set rather than a specific occupation.

What is a diamond course?

The Diamond and Diamond Grading eLearning course brings to life the skills needed to grade the color, clarity and cut of diamonds through video, graphics, images and text. Key topics include: The influence of color, clarity, cut and carat on diamond value. Determining proportions and estimating weight.

What does CSA stand for in jewelry?

A jeweler, who advertises their AGS membership as Registered Jeweler (RJ), Certified Gemologist (CG), Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA), or Certified Sales Associate (CSA), is separated from their competition as the true and trusted gemologically trained expert.

How do you become a diamond broker?

To become a well-regarded diamond dealer it is best to be trained by industry leaders and to acquire the credentials that label you a professional diamond dealer. Take courses at the American Gem Society. The AGS is a not-for-profit trade association for those in the fine jewelry business.

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What is DCA certificate?

Diploma in Computer Application(DCA) Course

Diploma in Computer Applications is a one year diploma course to study computer applications in depth. The course imparts scientific, practical and technical knowledge to its learners about various computer tools that are used in day to day life.

What is the salary of a diamond grader?

The highest salary for a Diamond Grader in India is ₹49,657 per month. What is the lowest salary for a Diamond Grader in India? The lowest salary for a Diamond Grader in India is ₹7,809 per month.

What are jewelry experts called?

Behind every exceptional piece of jewelry are extraordinary gem and jewelry experts known as “gemologists.” From our buyers to our quality assurance team, to our diamond and jewelry experts, Blue Nile proudly employs nearly two-dozen Graduate Gemologists.

What does GM mean on jewelry?

GM. Gunmetal Plated – black plating over base metal. SP. Silver Plated Finish – over a base metal for a Sterling Silver appearance.

What does BC mean on jewelry?

I am comfortable in saying that this is a 10K gold piece of jewelry and the B.C is the makers mark.

What does BS mean on jewelry?

Yes it is solid sterling silver. Bs is our company trademark and 925 is the sterling silver stamp. Pori Jewelry. Seller · July 25, 2019. 0.

What does a jewelry broker do?

The legitimate diamond broker acts as your representative to help you locate and purchase a diamond of high quality and value. The broker does not own the diamonds, but acts as your agent to find just the right gemstone in one of the alternative markets.

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Who is a diamond broker?

A diamond broker is an expert on the precious gem. They can help you find and purchase the perfect diamond for your partner, one that is of fantastic quality and high-value.

Can you make money selling diamonds?

To make money with loose diamonds, you may find that selling to the public online is a relatively affordable way to do it. … You will also need to be aware of prevailing market conditions and what prices major retailers and smaller competitors are charging for comparable loose diamonds.