What is moissanite gemstone?

Moissanite is a diamond simulant made of silicon carbide. A diamond simulant is a stone that has a similar appearance to a diamond but is not a real diamond. It is very difficult to tell apart a diamond & moissanite, making moissanite a common diamond alternative.

Is moissanite a real gemstone?

Moissanite is a gemstone born from the stars. It was first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan, who later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. … Natural moissanite is incredibly rare, so moissanite available today is laboratory-created.

Is moissanite worth anything?

Although moissanites are cheap, they aren’t valuable. While we usually don’t recommend diamonds as an investment (you’ll almost always lose money if you ever decide to sell), they do retain some value over the long term and can be passed down as a precious family heirloom — something you can’t do with a moissanite.

Is moissanite a good stone?

They are the hardest known mineral and can withstand almost any kind of wear and tear, which makes them ideal for everyday wear, especially for an engagement ring. … Moissanite is a very durable option for an engagement ring stone, especially since the material doesn’t scratch easily.

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Is moissanite a bad stone?

Moissanite Is Comparable to Diamonds in Hardness

At a 9.25 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, moissanite is second only to diamonds in regards to gems, and is therefore quite difficult to harm or scratch.

Is Moissanite cubic zirconia?

The main differences between Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia are: Moissanite is made of silicon carbide, whereas cubic zirconia is made of zirconium dioxide. Moissanite diamonds are generally harder at 9.5 on a 10 point scale, whereas cubic zirconia is 8.5 on the hardness scale.

Does Moissanite get cloudy?

Unlike CZ stones or cubic zirconia’s Moissanites don’t change colour over time and they don’t suddenly become cloudy. … The only thing that can effect the look of your Moissanite is oils and dirt that can build up on the surface. Often this can block light from shining through the stone making them look cloudy.

Is a moissanite a fake diamond?

The truth is that moissanite is not a synthetic diamond or the oft dreaded cubic zirconia, it’s a totally separate gemstone that is naturally occurring, though extremely rare and found in meteorites. Because of its beauty and durability, it’s one of the few gemstones that’s incredibly well suited to fine jewelry.

Is a moissanite engagement ring tacky?

Moissanite engagement rings aren’t tacky by any means – they’re absolutely identical to diamonds, almost as durable, and less expensive overall. They’re also eco-friendly, extremely attractive, and have a remarkable origin story.

Is moissanite costume jewelry?

SF: How is moissanite different from CZ? SM: Moissanite is an American Gemological Society (AGS) recognized gemstone that is set in precious metals — placing it in the fine jewelry category. Cubic zirconium is typically set in base metals or silver, and is generally considered costume jewelry.

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What does natural moissanite look like?

So, they can be “colorless,” “near colorless,” or any of the rainbow colors, like blue, red, or purple! Moissanite naturally occurs in only colorless, near colorless, and yellowish-Green shades. Traditional Moissanite used in jewelry for the past couple decades has had a yellowish color to it.

Is moissanite rarer than diamond?

Moissanite is rarer than diamonds. Rarity is the availability or perceived availability of a jewel. Moissanite is by far the rarest jewel on earth. Naturally occurring quantities of Moissanite are so minute, they are not suitable for use in jewellery.

Do moissanite engagement rings last?

Will Moissanite last forever? Yes it will. Moissanite is a beautiful gemstone that is very hard – a 9.25 on the hardness scale! So, just like a Diamond is forever, so too, is Moissanite.

What’s wrong with moissanite?

The trouble with moissanite is that the larger they get, the more pronounced the ‘rainbow effect’ they tend to exhibit. This refers to flashes of color that emanates from the stone when viewed under natural lighting and occurs due to moissanite’s high refractive index (2.65 as opposed to diamonds’ 2.42).

Are there any downsides to moissanite?

Compared to diamonds, moissanite engagement rings are brighter and have a lot of sparkle factor. They are a better choice than many other gems. However, one of the cons is their color.

What can damage moissanite?

Most household cleaners and bleaches contain chlorine that could discolor and even damage your beautiful moissanite stone. Always remember that your moissanite jewelry is capable of scratching other pieces of jewelry that you might be wearing. Try to restrict its usage with other jewelry and always store it separately.

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