What is the return policy for JCPenney jewelry?

Refunds will be remitted to original form of payment if returned within 30 days of purchase date. Refunds will be remitted to a merchandise return voucher if returned 31–60 days after purchase date. Exchanges can be offered any time up to 60 days if presented with a valid JCPenney receipt for the purchase price.

Can you return jewelry back to JCPenney?

o All Fine Jewelry and Watches must be returned within 60 days of the purchase date with a sales receipt. All watches must be returned unworn, unaltered, and in the original condition with packaging and any accompanying accessories. o Special Orders/Personalized Gifts cannot be returned after delivery and acceptance.

Does JCPenney charge a restocking fee?

JCPenney is not responsible for personal information or data stored on any returned electronic product. Merchandise must be returned with all accompanying manuals and accessories. Delivery fees are non-refundable. Returns will be charged a 15% restocking fee and $85 pick-up fee.

Can you return an item without a receipt?

Stores often try the “no refund or return without a receipt” line. … But where an item fails, shops do not have the right to demand a receipt. A credit card slip or statement or even the say-so of a person who was present when the products were purchased, are legally enough.

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Can you exchange in Penneys without receipt?

To obtain a refund or exchange a till receipt is needed, the item must be in a saleable condition with all tags attached and it must be within 28 days of purchase. You will find the latest date that you can return an item on your till receipt.

Can JCPenney look up my receipt?

JCPenney is not able to process returns of any merchandise without a valid JCPenney receipt. Purchases made within JCPenney can be looked up using the client credit card used during purchases. Digital receipts will be used if the client has it in their email following receipted return timing.

Can you return at any JCPenney?

Yes, you don’t have to return to the store where you made the original purchase. … You can return your items to any JCPenney store in the United States.

How do I return to Pennys?

If you need to return or exchange an item, the process is as simple as driving to the nearest JCPenney store or mailing the items to one of three JCPenney facilities; if you need to return a large purchase, call customer service to schedule a pick-up. Items are eligible for return with or without a receipt.

Can I return JCPenney Sephora to Sephora?

You can return items purchased at a free standing Sephora store at a Sephora Inside JCPenney. The next time you’re in store, please have the Cast Members call us at 1-877-SEPHORA so we can assist them with your return.

What is DSW return policy?

DSW Exchange Policy

If the item was purchased in a store, take it back to the store with the original receipt and packaging. Within 60 days of the purchase date, they’ll process your exchange as a refund and new purchase. After 60 days, you’ll get merchandise credit for any difference owed to you.

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Can I return an item on the 30th day?

Receipts may have a 30-day period written on them. If you purchase some clothing or a gift, the receipt might have a 30-day period for exchanges. The receipt might specifically state that you have 30 days to exchange the purchase or it might simply say DARO, which means days after receipt of order.

Can you return stolen merchandise?

If you return an item that you have stolen, you have a greater chance of a lighter sentence. The court will likely take your act of remorse into account and charge you accordingly. If you simply keep the item, the court will likely stick you with more strict theft punishments.

Can a store tell if an item was purchased there?

In most cases a bar code does not provide information concerning where a product was purchased. The most common bar code is the UPC code, found on all packaged goods at grocery stores. It only identifies the product (first five digits) and the company (second five digits).

Can you get a refund without tags?

A receipt is also necessary for a return and especially when there is no tag. You will have to be prepared to show at least a receipt or at least a tag in order to get some money back for your purchase. The receipt will let the store know how much the item was originally sold for.

Can you return Pyjamas?

We do appreciate that sometimes you might want to return your new products back to us. You can return your purchase to us in its original condition within 30 days of the date you received the products, with any packaging, wrapping, tags and labels intact and attached as received in brand new condition.

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What does exchange only mean?

If an item you purchased is marked “Exchange Only” this mean you can only send the item back as an exchange for another item or store credit. Exchange Only items cannot be returned for a refund.