What language does Diamond Platnumz speak?

Diamond Platnumz is a Tanzanian, Swahili speaking artist producing music for a Swahili speaking audience.

Does Diamond speak English?

Diamond is known for speaking and writing in broken English.

Is Diamond Platnumz rich?

Diamond Platnumz – $7 million

Diamond is by far Tanzania’s richest musician. His fame and wealth are attributed to his music empire characterized by some of the best performing artists under his labels, a fully furnished studio, and assets.

How much does Diamond Platnumz earn per day?

Informationcradle: Diamond makes Tsh 2 million per day from his music and his popular Recording Studio, which comes down to 730 million Tsh annually. According to Gafla he received Tsh 7 million for his new years show. He performed appr. 10 shows in the US and Europe in 2018.

Where did Diamond Platnumz came from?

Tandale, Дар-эс-Салам, Танзания
Diamond Platnumz/Место рождения
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