What level is a diamond roe deer?

What level is a diamond fallow deer?

There are two kinds of of animals that can be considered trophy animals: Diamond scoring Fallow Deer: A Fallow Deer scores diamond if it reaches a score of 251.7. Only Level 5 Fallow Deers (and in really rare cases also level 4) can reach diamond.

What is Max score for Red deer?

Genuine free range red stag trophies top out at around 280 on the SCI (Safari Club International) score which is the equivalent of around 320 -330 on the Douglas Score (used for measuring free range trophies in NZ).

What map has roe deer in Call of the Wild?

The Roe Deer is the smallest huntable deer in the game (class 3). It can be hunted in the Hirschfelden Hunting Reserve and Cuatro Colinas Game Reserve.

How much does a diamond red deer weigh?

A typical buck, also called a stag, may weigh in between 160 to 240 kg (250 to 530 lb), and develop large antlers over its lifetime.

What is considered a trophy fallow deer?

Fallow deer make attractive trophies with their striking palmated antlers, often compared with those of a moose, and various different colour phases ranging from black to ginger with white spots. Trophies are up to 30″ long with large palms and many points, often 12 to 24 points and sometimes more.

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What class is a fallow deer?

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