What minions are good with diamond spreading?

Should I put diamond spreading on a snow minion?

Due to how fast the snow minion’s action time is, it is considered a Snow Minion with a Diamond Spreading produces more diamonds than a Diamond Minion. … Since it is a very good source of Mining Experience, it is recommended to have a partial Snow Minion setup if you do not want to mine manually.

How much does a t11 diamond minion make a day?

Trivia. A Tier 11 Snow Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 2.6k diamonds per day while a Tier 11 Diamond Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 3k per day.

Does Diamond spreading work on revenant minions?

No Minion Fuel, Compactors, nor Diamond Spreading are used in the calculation.

How much do tier 11 snow minions sell for?

Selling. The price of a Tier XI Snow Minion is roughly 1M to 1.1M coins. An effective way to sell the Minion is by advertising in a Hub lobby.

What happens if you put diamond spreading on a diamond minion?

Diamond Spreading is compatible with Diamond Minions, giving them a 10% increase in production speed.

How much does a t1 snow minion cost?

What is the price of a tier 1 snow minion? 600k-700k, though if you base it off t11-upgrade materials price, it’s around 800k-900k.

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What is Diamond spread?

Diamond spread is simply a measure of the table size of a diamond when viewed from the top. … It is the size that the diamond appears to be for its given carat weight. A 1ct diamond with a larger spread will seem bigger than a 1ct diamond with a narrower spread, because the reflection (not refraction) may be greater.

Do minion expanders increase speed?

Increases the minion range by one block and increases minion speed by 5%.