What number channel is GEM?

On 26 November 2015, the Nine Network introduced a network-wide rebrand of all of its digital channels with GEM being renamed “9Gem”. Additionally, due to the rebroadcast of 9HD on channel 90, 9Gem was moved to channel 92 and converted from HD to SD.

How do I get 9Gem on my TV?

These new high definition channels will see Nine regular broadcast simulcast in HD on Channel 90 with 9Gem now located on Channel 92, 9Go on Channel 93, the all-new 9Life on Channel 94 with Extra now on Channel 95.

Where is Gem TV located?

GEM TV (Persian: جم تی‌وی) is a group of entertainment satellite channels. Its headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Is gem on Foxtel?

GEM is Channel 209 on Foxtel, however not all Foxtel customers can receive it. … So, the only Foxtel subscribers who can watch GEM are those with a HD subscription, HD IQ box (IQ2 or IQ3) and receive their Foxtel via Cable.

Is Channel 44 still broadcasting?

Channel 44 is broadcasting free-to-air in digital from our transmitter located at Mount Lofty in the Adelaide Hills. If you are having trouble receiving our live signal, you may need to re-scan your digital television or set-top box.

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What channel number is 9 HD?

On 26 November 2015, Nine recommenced simulcasting in HD on channel 90. As a result, 9Gem was moved to channel 92 and reduced to standard definition.

What number channel is nine now?


The high-definition (HD) simulcast of Nine will be on channel 80, 9Gem will be on 81, 9Go! on 82 and, from August 1 when WIN’s current deal with Sky News ends, the wall-to-wall home reno shows of 9Life will be on 83. Shopping channels TVSN (channel 84) and Gold (85) stay as is.

What is GEM network?

CBC Gem is CBC’s digital video streaming service. Discover the free way to stream the best shows, movies, news, documentaries, and more. … Or try Premium and enjoy ad-free video on demand content (excludes live streams), early access to Gem exclusive programming, and access to CBC News Network.

How much does GEM TV cost?

The Premium Subscription is $4.99 per month (plus applicable taxes) and is available for purchase via the CBC Gem app for Android, Apple TV, iPad and iPhone, as well as on the CBC Gem website (cbc.ca/gem). New subscribers receive a free, one month trial.

Can you watch 9 gem on Foxtel?

9 Gem is a free to air service and not linked to your Foxtel or Sports pack. Only cable Foxtel iQ set-top-unit subscribers will be able to view the retransmitted channels 7mate and GEM.

Is 7 Flix on Foxtel?

7flix became available to Foxtel cable subscribers with iQ3, iQ2 and iQ1. 5 set top boxes on Channel 187 from 24 March 2016.

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What are Foxtel channels?

Channels in Foxtel Plus pack

Channel Watch on demand Watch live
FOX One Yes Yes
FOX8 Yes Yes
UKTV Yes Yes
Arena Yes Yes

Can I get digital channels with antenna?

Should You Get a Digital TV Antenna? TV antennas let you pick up extra channels in your area. They’re especially great if you want to (or already have) cut the cord. These live over-the-air channels may include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS affiliates and independent stations.

How many TV channels are there in Melbourne?

There are three commercial free-to-air television networks broadcasting to Melbourne and Geelong – the Seven Network, Nine Network and Network Ten. Outside of Melbourne and Geelong there are three independently-owned free-to-air networks which are affiliated to the Melbourne networks.