Where can I find Pecos diamonds?

Pecos Valley Diamonds are found in the southeastern region of New Mexico, exposed in dispersed outcrops that span 100 miles long by as much as 25 miles wide.

How do you clean Pecos diamonds?

Clean The Diamonds: Clean the diamonds with a good household cleaner or dish soap and a scrub brush. Or at your own risk use Wood bleach.

How are Pecos diamonds formed?

Colorful and doubly terminated authi- genic quartz crystals with variable crystal- lographic forms occur in and weathered from scattered outcrops of the Seven Rivers Formation in southeastern New Mexico (Fig. 1). In places, when the sun’s rays are at low angles, the desert appears paved with diamonds.

Where can I dig for gems in New Mexico?

Rockhound State Park is a state park of New Mexico, United States, located 7 miles (11 km) southeast of Deming. It is named for the abundance of minerals in the area, and visitors can search for quartz crystals, geodes, jasper, perlite, and many other minerals.

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Are there crystals in New Mexico?

Southeastern New Mexico is a fantastic area for rockhounding. This is the place to go for the famous ‘Pecos diamonds,’ which are actually very attractive double-terminated quartz crystals. Rockhounds can also hope to find other mineral specimens including aragonite, onyx, jasper, and even some gold.

What does a Pecos Diamond look like?

Pecos Diamonds often display different lusters on different quartz faces. This is typically found in lustrous terminations (r– and z– faces) and dulled, or pitted, m-faces. Luster can also vary between r– and z– faces, creating alternating finishes on terminations.

Is there gold in Pecos River?

Gold is found at the end of the line in the Pecos. For those anglers who hike into these stretches of the wild Pecos, the river becomes a mixture of pocket water, plunge pools and fast seams. … But where there is open water, we have fished it and the fishing can be good.

Are Diamonds Found in Mexico?

That diamond fields exist in the state of Guerrero Is a matter of history. Two great white diamonds, found nearly a century ago, are to be seen in the national museum In the City of Mexico. The fields were discovered’early in the last century by Gen.

What kind of rock is in New Mexico?

Just to name a few: ricolite, fire agates, drusy quartz, apache tears, agates, rhyolite, quartz, and fluorite. One of the most profitable rock and mineral mining areas is in the Magdalena Mountains near Socorro in central New Mexico. Lots of lead ores came from this area, and some truly fine smithsonite!

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Is there Opal in New Mexico?

Even though found in extremely low quantities, common opal has been found in the Rockhound State Park of New Mexico which is about 7 miles from the town of Deming. There are also an abundance of agates and quartz crystals that can be found here.

Are there geodes in New Mexico?

Turquoise might be the first mineral that comes to mind when thoughts turn to precious rocks found in New Mexico, but the state boasts dozens of rockhounding sites known for everything from geodes to smithsonite to “Pecos diamonds.”

What gemstones are in New Mexico?

Peridot, red pyrope garnet, and bright green chrome diopside are the most common examples of diatreme-related gems in New Mexico. The Navajo Volcanic Field on the Navajo Nation* has numerous occurrences of these gems.

Where is Red Beryl in New Mexico?

A deposit of rare red beryl (bixbite) crystals has recently been discovered near Paramount Canyon in the Black Range, Sierra County, New Mexico.

Where is Moonstone in New Mexico?

The Rabb Canyon Moonstone Pegmatites Gemstone Mine is near San Lorenzo, New Mexico. Historically the site has been associated with the Carpenter Mining District which is now part of the Gila National Forest. The site was first discovered in 1925.

Where are the Apache Tears in New Mexico?

Near the isolated and tiny town of Mule Creek, New Mexico just a few miles from the Arizona border and the town of Clifton on highway 78, the Gila National Forest offers rockhounders vast public lands to delve into this deposit of obsidian and get their hands on some polished Apache Tears stones.

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