Where do I go after the psychic gym in Emerald?

What to do after defeating psychic gym?

After you beat the Psychic Gym, you are supposed to receive word that Team Flare’s lab is in Lumiose or however you spell it, this is confirmed by grunts outside of the gym, and learn that it’s inside Lysandre Café. Go there, defeat the 2 people inside, and interact with the bookshelf in the back.

Where do I go after beating Mossdeep gym?

The next gym will be a Water-type gym, so start training your Grass and Electric pokémon now. When you are ready to continue with the story, go south from Mossdeep City to reach Route 127.

What to do after you beat the last gym in Emerald?

After You Defeat the Gym Leader

Now that you have all eight gym badges, you should go to Victory Road. To get there, use HM07 to teach Waterfall to one of your pokémon, then go south from Mossdeep City, east from Route 128, and then use Waterfall to go up.

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