Where do you get diamonds in wizard101?

Where can I find diamonds in wizard101?

An easy way to get Diamonds is to get the transmute diamond recipe which you can get from Felicia Worthington in the north west area of Reagents square. (There are plenty of other vendors but that is the lowest rank world to get it at) It only uses 15 ores which is pretty good because ores are very easy to find.

Where is the best place to get diamonds wizard101?

Places to gather Ore include, all over Dragonspyre but especially the Athenium, the Cave of Solitude in Mooshu, and the Krokosphinx in Krokotopia. There are also plants that will drop Ore or Diamonds if you get into gardening.

What boss drops diamonds wizard101?

Dropped By: Cronus (Tartarus) Cyn De Lobster (Tier 3)

Where can I find ore in wizard101?

The best way/place to farm Ore is by going to the Basilica and then the Atheneum in Dragonspyre, then switch reams, just go down the whole list of realms you’ll usually get at least 80 ore and and maybe two or three diamonds.

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Do any vendors sell diamonds wizard101?

You can buy Diamonds at the wizars city bazaar. Or you can see these stone blocks that can give you diamonds. Or be lucky and win them from battles. But the best way to get diamonds is to buy them from the wizard city bazaar.

Where do I get Thunderchill cloak?

The vendor for the Thunderchill Cloak (ice) Can be found in MooShu’s Yoshihito Temple. Standing near Hideo Kebo on the pier. Vendor’s name is Hua Yang. It requires 6 Evil Snowman TCs, 14 Amthyst, 3 Crystal vials, 12 Spider silk, 15 Frost flowers, 8 Black pearls and 20 Stone blocks.

Where do I get the cloak of weighty grief recipe?

First check if Balthazar sells the recipe for the Cloak of Weighty Grief. If not, buy it from Yagi Sakai. You can find him in Mooshu, in Shoshun Village.

How do you get Ghost fire in wizard101?

Re: Ghost Fire

You have to buy ghost fire from the reagent vendors on either Mooshu or Dragonspyre.

Where do you find black Lotus in wizard101?

Black Lotus is purchasable in the Bazaar, and can found in zones of Mooshu, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysilis, to name a few. If you Craft, it can be Transmuted from lower value, more common reagents.

Where is Felicia wizard101?

Felicia Worthington is the Crafting trainer in Marleybone. She is located in the northwest area of Regent’s Square, outside the Digmoore Station entrance.

Who sells the Crimson book stand in wizard101?


Toshio (1,760 Gold)

Where is ancient burial grounds in Mooshu?

go right from Jade Palace. Enter Yoshihito Temple. Keep on following the trail. When you hit the green marble go left.

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Can you buy ore Wizard 101?

Re: Ore: buy or farm? Yes.

How do you get to the basilica in wizard101?

When you teleport to Dragonspyre, you arrive in the Basilica. The stone rose is behind the World Gate door, which is behind you when you arrive.