Where is Diamond Supply made?

Diamond Supply Co is an American clothing brand founded in 1998 that features hip, trendy designs aimed at skaters and teen demographics. Diamond Supply Co does not provide information on their sourcing policy or manufacturing practices. Their clothes are manufactured in Thailand, China, and India.

Who is the owner of Diamond Supply Co?

Nick Tershay – Owner – Diamond Supply Co.

Who makes diamond clothing?

Diamond Supply Co. is a California based skateboarding accessories and clothing line that was started in 1998 by skateboarder and designer Nick “Diamond” Tershay.

What kind of brand is Diamond Supply Co?

Diamond Supply Co. is an American streetwear and skateboard label, founded by Nicholas Tershay (Nick Diamond), in 1998. Starting out with Mike Carroll and Rick Howard’s prominent Girl Skateboards distribution company, further expanding with bolts, bearings, T-shirts, fleece and accessories.

What is Diamond Supply Co worth?

Nick Diamond net worth: Nick Diamond is an American streetwear designer who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Nick Diamond, also known as Nicholas Tershay, began his first skateboarding supply shop in San Francisco, California.

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Does Diamond Supply Co run small?

These Diamond jackets fit small in the larger sizes. Sized up and got the perfect fit!

Is Diamond Supply Co true to size?

if you are not aware, diamond supply shirts fit true to size but are alittle on the long side. i am 6’3″ and wear a large and it is probably 1″ longer than i normally wear my shirts. sometimes a wash or two makes it perfect but i think this is the style they go for. i still like them and like the brand.

Who is Nicky Diamond?

founder and streetwear OG Nicholas Tershay, better known as Nicky Diamonds. Diamonds first established Diamond Supply Co. as a skateboard hardware line in 1998, before moving to Los Angeles in 2000 to grow his brand to include both hardware and apparel.

What does Supply Co mean?

Supply Company means any commercial business with a regular place of business in this state that supplies goods and services necessary to support (A) the manufacturing of company products, or (B) company operations. “Supply company” does not include any local, state or federal revenue collection or taxing entity.