Who is the owner of Hannoush Jewelers?

David Hannoush – Owner – Hannoush Jewelers | LinkedIn.

Is Hannoush Jewelers legit?

Hannoush Jewelers, unfortunately, do not offer customers the experience and quality they deserve when paying the prices held on their diamonds and engagement rings. The stores are not spectacular and the products on offer, such as the diamond engagement rings, fall very short of the quality they should be.

How many stores does Hannoush Jewelers have?

Today, the Hannoush Jewelers network includes more than 50 company-owned and franchised stores located throughout the United States.

Does hannoush buy back jewelry?

At Hannoush Jewelers, we buy your old, unwanted jewelry when it’s in good condition for restoration. If you have a jewelry box full of unworn items, you can consult with a professional in-store and be quoted a fair price for your trade-in.

What nationality is hannoush?

The last name Hannoush (Arabic: حنّوش) is more commonly found in Saudi Arabia than any other country/territory.

Does hannoush do layaway?

To make it easy and affordable to purchase the perfect piece of fine jewelry, Hannoush Jewelers offers a six-month layaway program. … Our layaway service is interest-free, and you can pick up the item as soon as your final payment is made.

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