You asked: What is the size of a CD jewel case?

It is a three-piece plastic case, measuring 142 by 125 by 10 millimetres (5.59 in × 4.92 in × 0.39 in), a volume of 177.5 cubic centimetres (10.83 cu in), which usually contains a compact disc along with the liner notes and a back card.

What size are CD covers?

Dimensions of CD Covers The standard CD cover is four inches wide by one inch high. A 75 by 4 matrix. 12 x 12 centimeters, or 75 inches x 75 inches. The dimensions above are for front and rear covers of standard jewel CD cases.

What is a jewel case for CDs?

The CD jewel case is a standard format of packaging that’s been continually in use since the introduction of the compact disc (CD) by Phillips in 1982. This packaging option supplements a disc while shielding its sensitive data from harmful elements such as dirt, scratching, and exposure.

Are CD and DVD cases the same size?

Question: Why are CD and DVD cases different sizes? Answer: A good question, since, you know, DVDs and CDs are the same bloody size. … The height of a DVD box is pretty close to that of a VHS case or sleeve, letting the newer media form snugly take the spot of the old (though Blu-Ray’s cases are squatter).

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How do you print CD jewel case inserts?

Printing a Jewel-Case Insert

  1. Step 1 Select a playlist in the Source area, and then choose Print from the File menu.
  2. Step 2 Click on the CD Jewel Case Insert option (see “Instant Art”). …
  3. Step 3 Click on Page Setup and adjust the settings for your printer as needed.

How thick are CD cases?

They are the standard 10.4mm (a.k.a. . 43″) thick and will hold most CD trays.

How wide is a CD?

A standard compact disc (CD) is 120 mm (4.75 inches) in diameter and 1.2 mm (0.05 inch) thick.

What size is a CD case in inches?

The finished dimensions for the outside of printed CD covers are 4.724 inches square. Many printed designs include bleed. The “bleed area” is an extra 1/8″ of space for design elements or backgrounds to extend beyond the finished size of your piece.

What is the diameter of a CD in CM?

The diameter of the CD-ROM is 12 cm.

Why are CD’s the size they are?

The original target storage capacity for a CD was one hour of audio content, and a disc diameter of 115 mm was sufficient for this, however both parties [Sony and Philips] extended the capacity to 74 minutes to accommodate a complete performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

What is the diameter of a DVD?


The data side of a DVD manufactured by Sony DADC
Dimensions Diameter: 12 cm (4.7 in) Thickness: 1.2 mm (0.047 in)
Weight 16 grams (0.56 oz)
Usage Home video (replaced by HD-DVD and Blu-ray), Computer data storage
Extended from LaserDisc Compact disc
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How big is a Blu Ray case?

They are constructed out of polypropylene plastic. A single case measures 135mm wide, 171.5mm high, and 13mm thick. Inner case booklets allow for a maximum of approximately 20 pages with a 4.75-inch-wide and 5.9 inches high.