You asked: What is TM 27 in Emerald?

TM27 is: Fissure in Generation 1. Return in Generations 2-7.

What TMS can you find in Emerald?

The TMs

TM Name Location
1 Focus Punch Route 115 (south) (Pickup ability in Emerald, 1% chance at level 71-90)
2 Dragon Claw Meteor Falls
3 Water Pulse Sootopolis City (Gym – defeat Wallace/Juan)
4 Calm Mind Mossdeep City (Gym – defeat Tate & Liza)

Where is return fire red?

The TMs

TM Name Location
27 Return Route 12 (north, from girl in Lavender gate)
28 Dig Cerulean City (defeat Team Rocket Grunt) Celadon City (Department Store – $2,000)
29 Psychic Saffron City (southeast, from Mr. Psychic)
30 Shadow Ball Celadon City (Game Corner – 4,500 Coins)

Where do you get platinum return?

You can also get the TM for Return at the Veilstone Game Corner for 8,000 coins. Professor Rowan also gives you the TM for Return once you leave his Pokémon Research Lab in Sandgem Town after he gives you the Pokédex.

What is TM 27?

TM27 is: Fissure in Generation 1. Return in Generations 2-7. Toxic in Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee.

What is TM 29 in Pokemon Emerald?

TM29 is: Psychic in Generations 1-7.

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What is TM15 in Pokemon Emerald?

TM15 teaches a move to a compatible Pokémon. TM15 is: Hyper Beam in Generations 1-7.

What is TM 15 in Pokemon?


TM# and Name Description Location
TM 12 – Water Gun Water attack Mt. Moon
TM 13 – Ice Beam Ice attack Get from girl in Celadon Dept. store
TM 14 – Blizzard Ice attack Cinnabar Island’s Pokemon Mansion
TM 15 – Hyper Beam Normal attack Celadon City Casino

Which is better frustration or return?

The power of Frustration varies between 1 (at the maximum friendship value of 255) and 102 (at the minimum friendship value of 0). … If the user’s friendship is 128 or more, Return is stronger than Frustration.

What is TM 35 in fire red?

TM 35 Flamethrower location in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green! Flamethrower is a very popular and competitive TM and often recommended for fire type Pokemon! You can find it in Celadon City!

How strong is return?

The base power of Return varies between 1 (at the minimum friendship value of 0) and 102 (at the maximum friendship value of 255). The base power of Return is set to 1 if the formula outputs 0. If the user’s friendship is 127 or less, Frustration is stronger than Return.

How many HMs are in platinum?

Although it is a bit of a waste to use Flygon just for HMs, between Flygon and Bibarel, you can have all eight HMs covered, which is very convenient and can make travelling less of a hassle.

Where is TM dig in platinum?

Japanese Promos

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No. Move Name Location
TM27 Return Prof. Rowan in Sandgem Town Lost Tower Exchange at Game Arcade
TM28 Dig Route 214
TM29 Psychic Exchange from Game Arcade
TM30 Shadow Ball Route 210 Battle Frontier Shop