You asked: Who is Jewel’s father as I lay dying?

Jewel is Addie’s third child and narrates Section 4. His biological father is the Reverend Whitfield.

Who is the father in As I Lay Dying?

Anse Bundren – Anse is Addie’s widower, the father of all the children but Jewel.

Who is the father of Dewey Dell’s baby?

Lafe. The father of Dewey Dell’s child. While he never appears in person in the novel, Lafe is certainly a driving force behind many of Dewey Dell’s thoughts and much of her behavior.

Is Jewel a guy in As I Lay Dying?

In general, Jewel is an independent, solitary man of action, and these traits put him in an antagonistic relationship with the introspective Darl.

Who is who in As I Lay Dying?

As I Lay Dying

Anse Bundren Her bumbling and ineffectual husband, who is anxious to take Addie to Jefferson so he can get some false teeth. Cash Their oldest son, who is the carpenter and who builds the coffin for Addie. He is about twenty-nine. Darl The second son, about twenty-eight.

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How many children does Addie Bundren have?

Addie is Anse’s wife and mother to Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman (in that order). She narrates section 40, though she dies in Section 12.

What is Dewey Dells secret?

Dewey Dell goes to the pharmacy and asks the druggist Moseley to give her something to abort her pregnancy for ten bucks. Dewey Dell leaves Moseley’s without any medicine. She tells Vardaman to keep the burning barn events a secret. She calls for Jewel when he runs to the coffin by the fire.

Who gets pregnant in As I Lay Dying?

Dewey Dell is Addie’s fourth child and only daughter. She narrates sections 7, 14, 30, and 58. She’s also seventeen and pregnant.

Who is the most reliable character in As I Lay Dying?

By the last few narrative sections in the novel, Cash has established himself as a reliable and sensible voice, a welcome refuge for the reader given the strange, disjointed words of Vardaman and the maniacal ranting of the now-insane Darl.

Who is the oldest bundren child?

Cash Bundren

Cash is Addie’s oldest child and narrates sections 18, 22, 38, 53, and 59.

Does Anse know that Jewel is not his son?

I think that Anse is aware of Jewel not being his child, and responds with his typical inaction. … Addie is not one to go back on her promises…she is as stubborn and single-minded as all of her children and Anse (they all have a reason to go along on the ride to bury their mother/wife aside from the funeral itself).

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Is Jewel a bundren?

Jewel seems to have the most violent nature of all the Bundrens. However, Jewel is not a Bundren since his father was the preacher Whitfield.

How did Jewel react to Addies death?

Jewel’s reaction to Addie’s death is highly emotional. He almost single-handedly muscles the coffin into the wagon, and loudly curses his various siblings—actions that indicate a very strong physical and mental reaction.

How many members are in the Bundren family?

The seven narrators from Bundren family are Anse Bundren, Addie Bundren, Cash Bundren, Darl Bundren, Jewel Bundren, Dewey Dell Bundren and Vardaman Bundren. Other eight narrating voices are the voices of Whitfield, Vernon Tull, Core Tull, Dock Peabody, Samson, Armstid, Mosley, and Skeet MacGowan.

How is the Tull family similar to or different from the Bundren family?

The Bundrens are a poor family in the rural South, and there are a few details from the book that denote their poverty. In contrast, their neighbors the Tulls are a wealthier family, they have means and run successful businesses, and are less neurotic—leaving them more time to be successful.

Why did William Faulkner write as I lay dying?

Faulkner, a Mississippi high school dropout, made it his mission to capture the emotional lives of the rural poor, unflinchingly writing about race, gender, sexuality, and power. … He wrote As I Lay Dying in six or eight weeks (six by Faulkner’s claim, eight by looking at the carbon typescript).