Your question: Does Ruby have the baby on Felicity?

Who is the father of Ruby’s baby in Felicity?

Noel was first believed to be the father, until she did an ultrasound that confirmed the date of the conception was when she was away for the movie. She admitted to having an affair with a director and left New York to raise her baby back home with her parents in the season finale of season two.

Does Ruby lose the baby in Felicity?

Character. Ruby is a sweet, innocent freshman who seeks out Felicity, her resident advisor, a lot and they become friends. Ruby later meets Noel and they start a relationship. … She decides to keep her baby and that becomes the downfall of Noel and Ruby’s relationship.

Does Ruby get pregnant on Felicity?

In season two, Felicity follows in Noel’s footsteps to become an RA at Kelvin Hall, and Amy plays one of her residents, Ruby. Ruby and Noel start dating, but things fall apart when she gets pregnant, courtesy of the “director” in her “movie” (quotes added because I thought this plotline was dumb).

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Is Ruby pregnant with Noel’s baby?

College student couple Ruby and Noel discover she’s pregnant. Though despondent, Ruby considers keeping the baby.

Do Felicity and Noel get back together?

After Noel (Scott Foley) kisses his ex-girlfriend, Hannah (Jennifer Garner), and admits he still has feelings for her, he and Felicity take a break from their relationship. … Her relationship with Noel never truly recovers.

Do Felicity and Ben get together?

‘The List’ (Season 2, Episode 2) Few things on this earth are more frustrating than a relationship that takes forever to happen and then ends before it begins. Yes, Felicity chose Ben, but his discovery of a recording she definitely should not have left sitting around leads to a premature end to the relationship.

Who played Ruby on Felicity?

Felicity (TV Series 1998–2002) – Amy Smart as Ruby – IMDb.

Does Ben cheat on Felicity with Avery?

Turns out, he made a B-minus on the final he didn’t cheat on, which he’s excited about, but Avery’s all, “That sucks, you should’ve cheated,” and for some reason that’s what it takes for him to realize that she’s terrible.

What happens to Julie in Felicity?

After a while they seem to be on different paths and Julie ends things with Ben, after which she learns he cheated on her with Felicity. After some estrangement they eventually manage to become friends again, and always have a close bond due to their history.

Does Eli date Felicity?

Emma: It’s messy old situation for Felicity and Noel after he left with Hannah and she ended up hooking up with Eli in the art room. And as the end of the episode suggested Felicity had sex with Eli.

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Who was Molly on Felicity?

Recurring Cast

Name Portrayed by Episodes
Tracy Donald Faison 23
Ruby Amy Smart 16
Molly Sarah-Jane Potts 14
Sally Reardon Janeane Garofalo 14

What episode does Ben find out Felicity slept with Noel?

Surprise is the 5th episode of Season 3 of Felicity.