Your question: Where to get a diamond GIA certified?

Do you get the GIA certificate when you buy a diamond?

Basically what we are saying is that if you are buying a diamond, and it has a GIA certificate, it is your guarantee that you have a diamond that is recognised in all the different parts of the Globe. A GIA certified diamond is also your guarantee that you have got what you paid for.

Which diamonds are GIA certified?

What Is a GIA Certified Diamond?

  • Round is the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings and a GIA report will contain a cut grade for round brilliant cut diamonds. …
  • A GIA diamond grading report is essential when buying a diamond.

How much does it cost to become GIA certified?

Living Off-Campus Budgets

Programs/Locations Graduate Gemologist (Carlsbad) Graduate Jeweler Program
Instructional Weeks 26 Weeks 26 Weeks
Cost of Attendance $39,501 $39,330
Tuition $21,000 $21,400
Books & Supply & Sale Tax $2,882 $2,311

Are there fake GIA certificates?

Every GIA certificate has a Report number associated with it. While people can fake certificates, they can’t fake the actual database’s information. Simply go to GIA Report Check and input the Report Number from the certificate to check for it’s authenticity.

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Are Tiffany diamonds GIA certified?

Tiffany & Co. prides themselves in their craftsmanship for diamonds and their settings. They also happen to be GIA certified, considered of better quality and some of them have made history … … Ever since Tiffany & Co started in 1837, they have been known for their luxury products.

Do Costco diamonds come with GIA certificate?

For diamonds 1 carat and larger: You will get a GIA diamond grading report, as well as a gemological/jewelry report from Costco. Sometimes, the diamond also has an IGI certificate (which is another grading lab).

Who owns GIA diamond?

Robert M. Shipley, Founder of GIA.

Is gemology a good career?

Gemmology is a profession with great scope. You can earn extremely well once your ideas and designs are appreciated. The starting salary of Gemologist is Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs.

Is a GIA certificate worth it?

Simple, it’s GIA. They have the best reputation for accurate diamond grading. A diamond with a GIA diamond report will command more money than a diamond graded by EGL USA. Not only when you buy it, but also should you ever decide to sell it, or trade it up.

How do I become a GIA gemologist?

GIA, or the Gemological Institute of America, is THE training authority in the American jewelry industry. To earn a Graduate Gemologist degree from the GIA, you must complete and pass five course studies and three lab classes, and then pass a comprehensive final exam.

How do I check if my diamond is certified?

In case you have a diamond report issued by them, you can simply verify the diamond report online on their website. Take out your diamond certificate and locate the certificate number. Look at the images below for reference. Enter the certificate number at the indicated are and click on the button.

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What should I look for in a GIA certificate?

The full GIA Colored Diamond Grading Certificate includes the following data:

  • The issue date of the report.
  • The unique report number.
  • The shape and cut of the stone.
  • The dimensions and carat weight of the diamond.
  • The origin of the diamond’s hue (distinction between natural and treated coloring)

What does a real GIA certificate look like?

All GIA reports contain security features such as a hologram, security screen and microprint lines that prevent them from being forged or duplicated.