Best answer: How do you get Solarbeam in Emerald?

Where do you get the TM Solarbeam?

TM11: Solar Beam (Grass)

This TM is in Turffield. Make as though you’re headed to Route 4, but instead of crossing over the bridge, enter the water and head up the river. You’ll find the TM on the left.

Where can I get TM 22?

Game locations

Red​/​Blue Pokémon Mansion
Gold​/​Silver Route 27
Ruby​/​Sapphire Safari Zone
FireRed​/​LeafGreen Pokémon Mansion (B1F, west)
Diamond​/​Pearl Veilstone City (Department Store – $3,000)

How do you counter Solarbeam?

It is strong against Ground, Rock and Water Pokémon and weak against Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass and Dragon Pokémon.

Where do you get Solarbeam in diamond?

This TM can be purchased on the 3rd floor of the Veilstone Department Store for 3000 Pokedollars.

Where do you get Solarbeam in Pokemon Black?

You find solar beam in Pinwheel Forest. It is in a secret sort of passage way on the right side of the main road.

Does sunny day affect solar beam?

Sunny Day can also be used as part of a Contest Spectacular combination, causing certain moves (Growth, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Solar Beam, Synthesis, and Weather Ball) to give an extra three appeal points if used in the next turn.

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Is Fire Blast better than flamethrower?

flamethrower has 100 accuracy and 95 damage while fire blast has 120 damage or 110 depending on the game but much lower accuracy. so basically it depends on how much damage you want compared to accuracy.

Where is flamethrower TM?

You’ll find TM35 Flamethrower in Veilstone City, east of Solaceon Town and north of Pastoria City.

What is TM35 in Pokemon Emerald?

TM35 teaches a move to a compatible Pokémon. TM35 is: Metronome in Generation 1.

Where is Safari Zone Emerald?

The Hoenn Safari Zone (Japanese: サファリゾーン Safari Zone) is a special Pokémon preserve where Trainers can enter to capture certain types of Pokémon. The entrance is on Hoenn’s Route 121. 500, the player is granted entry and 30 Safari Balls.