How do I get to Emerald Bay State Park?

There is no vehicle access to the lakeshore of Emerald Bay or Vikingsholm. Visitors walk to the lake from the Vikingsholm Parking Lot (1 mile walk) or via the Rubicon Trail. Some visitors arrive by kayak or private boat. Emerald Bay was designated an underwater state park in 1994.

How long is the walk to Emerald Bay?

The hike to Emerald Point is an absolute dream. The trail contours the north side of picturesque Emerald Bay, it’s relatively short at 5-6 miles (out-and-back), there’s only about 500 feet of total elevation gain to negotiate, and access to the trailhead is simple.

How do you get down to Emerald Bay beach?

Emerald Bay’s spectacular beaches are accessed via the Rubicon Hiking Trail or by boat. Parking for the trail is located at Eagle Point Campground to the south, DL Bliss State Park to the north, and the Vikingsholm Parking Lot on the west end of Emerald Bay.

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Can you hike down to Emerald Bay?

This dramatic bay setting has been called one of the “most photographed places on earth.” You can cruise into Emerald Bay aboard a watercraft, or enjoy the pleasant, but moderate Vickingsholm hiking trail which is a one-mile hike (with about a 450-foot elevation change) that leads to the beach and Vikingsholm Castle.

Is there public access to Emerald Bay?

Emerald Bay is the only private beach in all of California with no public access.

Where do you park to hike the Emerald Bay?

Visiting Emerald Bay State Park

The only way in and out of the state park is at either the Vikingsholm parking lot or the Desolation Wilderness trailhead on the opposite side of the highway. Parking fees are $10 no matter when you are visiting.

Where can I find the Emerald Bay?

Inspiration Point offers paved walkways and towers a whopping 600 feet above Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay. Fannette Island, located right in the middle of Emerald Bay, is home to Mrs. Knight’s teahouse. The stone structure sits on the island and offers a 360-degree view of Emerald Bay in all its glory.

Is 89 at Emerald Bay open?

SR-89 at Emerald Bay is now OPEN!

Is Emerald Bay the most photographed?

Emerald Bay is one of Lake Tahoe’s most photographed and popular locations. In 1969 Emerald Bay was recognized as a National Natural Landmark by the federal Department of the Interior.

Emerald Bay State Park
Designated 1968

How long does it take to paddle from Baldwin Beach to Emerald Bay?

From Baldwin Beach, the distance to the end of Emerald Bay is about 4 – 5 miles. If you paddle at a leisurely rate and take time out to observe the birds, you can make the 8 – 10-mile round trip in 2 or 3 hours.

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What is the depth of Emerald Bay?

The site consists of two barges, built of massive Ponderosa pine timbers, sitting at a depth between 10 to 40 feet deep.

What is the deepest part of Lake Tahoe?

The south shore is dominated by the lake’s largest city, South Lake Tahoe, California, which adjoins the town of Stateline, Nevada, while Tahoe City, California, is located on the lake’s northwest shore.

Is Emerald Bay open in winter?

Re: Highway 89 at Emerald Bay closed all winter? No, Hwy 89 around Emerald Bay is not closed all winter. The skies are starting to clear out and so are the storms.

Is Cameo Cove private?

Cameo Shores Beach in Newport Beach, California

Since most of this beach is wet at high tide, it is a public beach.