How long do the Loisels wait before seeking to buy a new necklace?

21. How long do the Loisels wait before seeking to buy a new necklace? – They waited for a week to buy a new necklace.

How much Loisels will replace the necklace?

Answer: Loisel had to pay thirty six thousand Francs for the new necklace. To replace the lost necklace, Loisel used eighteen thousand francs which were set aside by Mr. Loisel’s father.

How long it takes for the couple to pay for the necklace?

She borrows an opulent necklace from her friend, Madame Forestier, to wear at a special party, but then loses the necklace. The couple must come up with thirty-four thousand francs to replace it, resulting in ten years of hard work to pay off the new necklace.

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What does the man who sold the necklaces case tell the Loisels?

Loisel return from looking for the necklace? … What does the man who sold the necklace’s case tell the Loisels? He sold only the case but not the necklace. How much is the replacement necklace valued for?

Where did Loisel first go to find the necklace after they discovered that it was missing?

Expert Answers

When Madame Loisel and Monsieur Loisel discover that the necklace is missing from her neck they begin to panic. Mr. Loisel went back to every place they had been to see if he could find it. “He went to the police station,to the newspapers to post a reward, to the…

How long did it take the Loisels to repay their loan for the replacement necklace?

Mathilde says that the change was on her account and explains to her the long saga of losing the necklace, replacing it, and working for ten years to repay the debts.

What did the Loisels do to replace the necklace?

Unable to find the diamond necklace, the Loisels had to replace it with a new one. they had to buy a new necklace worth thirty-six thousand dollars. … So, Matilda arranged a beautiful dress and borrowed a marvelous diamond necklace from her friend, Mme Forestier to look beautiful and rich in the ball. She lost it.

What do the Loisels do in order to pay their debts?

The loss of the necklace causes the Loisels to adopt a life of crime in order to repay their debts.

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How does Mathilde know Madame Forestier?

Forestier is mentioned anonymously as the “rich friend” whom Mathilde knew back in the convent days. Apparently Mathilde feels too jealous to see her much. Following her husband’s idea, Mathilde visits Mme. Forestier to borrow jewelry to go to the ball.

How much money did M Loisel inherit from his father?

Loisel, fortuitously, has eighteen thousand francs inherited from his father.

How much was the necklace really worth?

A horrified Jeanne reveals that the necklace she lent to Madame Loisel had contained fake diamonds and was worth no more than 500 francs ($2,893.99 USD).

What is the moral of the story the necklace?

The moral of the story “The Necklace” is to be satisfied with what one has. In the story, Mathilde is not happy with anything.

Who is to blame in the necklace?

In “The Necklace,” Mr. Loisel is equally to blame for the misery he endures because he enables Mathilde and suggests that she borrows the…

How did the Loisels get the money to buy a new diamond necklace?

Mr Loisel already had eighteen thousand francs, which his father had left him. He had to borrow the rest of the amount. He had to make devastating promises when he went to borrow money from usurers and the whole race of lenders. He paid thirty-six thousand francs to buy the new necklace.

Is the necklace a true story?

This is the true story of 13 ordinary women, and one extraordinary adventure. The Necklace is the amazing true story of thirteen women who didn’t want to give up on their dreams. … After two years, the necklace had been loaned out to nieces, grandmas, friends and granddaughters.

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What would Matilda often dream of?

Answer: Matilda would often dream of all the delicacies, luxuries, elegant dinners, marvellous dishes, rich silver, beautiful dresses, jewels, adoration and a life of glory. She would often escape into her dreams from the dullness of her very humble existence.