How long is Ace of Diamond?

Is Diamond no Ace completed?

The first Season of Diamond No Ace got premiered on 6 October 2013. … Again, on 2 April 2019, another Diamond No ace series got aired. But this time under the name ‘Ace of Diamond Act II. And with 52 episodes, it ended on 31 March 2020.

How many seasons is Ace of Diamond?

Although the series was initially planned to be 52 episodes, it was extended and ended in March 2015 for a total of 75 episodes. A second season started airing soon after. Season II aired on April 6, 2015 and ended on its 51st episode on March 28, 2016.

Will there be a season 4 of Diamond no Ace?

Although an official announcement about Diamond no Ace Season 4 is yet to come, fans hope to see more of Sawamura and the rest of the team. With its success and fans’ expectation, it may take no time before renewal will be made.

Does Sawamura get a girlfriend?

Relationship with other characters

She is mistaken by Kuramochi as Sawamura’s girlfriend, but Sawamura repeats several times that she is just a childhood friend and not his girlfriend. Later on Wakana confesses via mail her feeling that she want to watch Sawamura closer on his great development as a pitcher.

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Does Sawamura go to nationals?

Eijun Sawamura, the pitcher of a novice junior high baseball team, meets with a bitter walk-off loss. For Sawamura, the loss becomes his last game in junior high, so he sets a new goal of going to the nationals in high school with his teammates.

Is Ace of diamond worth watching?

Is it Worth Watching? Diamond no Ace is a fantastic anime with a very accurate portrayal of baseball. The series is full of high-spirited energy, comedy and rich character personalities. The baseball matches themselves are very interesting because of the versatile characters that take part in the scene.

Does Coach Kataoka come back?

Sakaki Eijirou

Sakaki has stated that he is returning to high school baseball and will be the new head coach of Yura Technical High School in West Tokyo.

How many episodes does Diamond no Ace have in total?

The series is listed for 52 episodes.

How fast does Sawamura pitch?

Coupled with his late release form, Sawamura fastball appears faster to the batter. Thus it can make batters swing late and comfortably strikes them out despite its somewhat less than impressive speed (his fastest pitch has been recorded at 135 km/h).


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What is Eijun coin?

Enjin Coin is a project of Enjin, a company that provides an ecosystem of interconnected, blockchain-based gaming products.

Who is better Sawamura or Furuya?

In Senbatsu Furuya was the better pitcher but in Spring, Sawamura was much better than Furuya (RA=0.75 to Furuya’s 2.82 for the combination of Senbatsu and Spring Tourney) and then Sawamura maintained this level of performance for the majority of Act 2 which earned him the Ace title.

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In which episode Sawamura become the ace?

18 at the start of the Fall Tournament. In Act II, he becomes Seidou’s ace in his second year by the start of the Summer Regional Tournament.

Sawamura Eijun
First Appearance
Manga Act I – Chapter 1
Anime S1 – Episode 1

Does Furuya become the ace?

In Seidou’s first official match for the fall, Furuya wears the ace number and shines in both pitching and batting. In the third round of the group selection, Seidou faces Seisho High.